Saturday, 11th July 2020
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'Spiritual spending' costs women £670m a year!

A new phenomenon, known as "spiritual spending", is one of Britain's biggest growth industries.

Women explore the hundreds of ways of feeling and looking better, the research from Virgin Money found.

The trend among women to cheer themselves up by having a massage or doing a Yoga class rather than - or as well as - having a glass of wine and a chocolate bar is costing them £670 million a year, research published this month reveals. Some 75% of women are turning to yoga, acupuncture, massage and other "alternative" therapies and exercise regimes to help to combat the stress of modern life.
Celebrities are partly to blame for the popularity of Yoga, Pilates and other forms of exercise, with one in 10 of the 1,000 women questioned admitting that they were copying the actress Gwyneth Paltrow and others by taking them up. Gucci even produced its own yoga mat to cater to the growing obsession for Yoga as a spiritually superior form of exercise to 30 minutes on the treadmill in the gym. 


When photographs of Madonna were published showing the singer in a Yoga position that looked physically impossible, a tabloid newspaper published details of "how to get your leg over like Madonna".

Such is the cult of "spiritual spending" that specialist travel operators exist to arrange holidays at spas around the world.

On the website of one travel company, you can book your holiday by specifying what type of holiday you want, such as "anti-cellulite", healthy eating or "rejuvenation anti-ageing".
Spa holidays, which can be as expensive as they are relaxing and indulgent, cater to any whim. In one of France's biggest wine-producing areas, Bordeaux, there is even a Vinotherapie Spa which uses vine and grape extracts.
The most popular seem to be: Reflexology - Acupuncture - Massage - Facials - Homeopathy - Yoga - Yoga for Golf - Reiki - High Pressure Water Jet - Cold Marine Wraps.

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