Sunday, 12th July 2020

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“Zees are my orders und you vill obey!”

“Zees are my orders und you vill obey!”

They go by and are called by many different things, as well as by me, but the most common is “Jobs worth” , often referred to as “Little Hitlers” or “Nazis” and if the last two cause you offence, tough

Ryanair take note! Sad jobs worth witnessed in action at Stanstead airport. An over made up, rude and, may I add, acerbic woman in a cheap Ryanair nylon uniform demanding a passenger - a paying client to put his luggage again into the metal thing to measure it, bearing in mind he had already passed one check just a few feet before the gate. When the client explained in a slightly annoyed tone that he
had already done at the cost of losing his place in the queue, she replied “calm down” and kept insisting in a dictatorial manner while she then was joined by a complete t—t, definitely a Hitler type, jumping to her aid. Pathetic! Does he get off on bossing , what I would consider quite a polite young lad. The staff acted like a pack of dogs. Did he think he was acting like the knight in shining armour? More like a tit in a
sweaty cheap nylon uniform. (I hate those uniforms).

Still I suppose being a trolley dolly just isnÂ’t that glamorous; not like being a jetsetter flying around the world with B.A. IitÂ’s only Stanstead to Malaga for them and that is if they do get on to a plane, may be they are just ground staff. How Sad! But my goodness, those two even made Easyjet look classy!

I wonder if itÂ’s worth doing a survey of this type of people. And if they are so keen on the importance of a uniform why donÂ’t they join the armed forces; if they want to be in charge and be the winner in a conflict why not? Oh no! They would probably get back more than they give , they prefer to boss clients, then any response can be met with shouts and abuse while hiding behind a uniform or a corporation and
taint all clients as abusive and aggressive. I wonder, what would happen if we told them to shut up, take my boarding card, smile at us, just do your job and be polite. You can just guess, canÂ’t you?


And it is not just airports. These types can be found at the bottom end of their career in all walks of life, hereÂ’s a short list bear in mind itÂ’s not all but some are more special like: doctorsÂ’ receptionists, nurses, some DRÂ’s airport staff, railway stations, those in charge of urbanisations - especially here in Spain -some teachers who think that parents should be seen and not heard.

As I said, the strange thing is that they are at the lower end of their professions and probably always will be. Those who make it to the top know the importance of clients; they get on well with other staff and are educated. Oh! And they normally donÂ’t have to wear silly colours, smelly nylon uniforms.

Personally I would have probably been denied boarding on the plane. If it was me, being a real woman and not a pathetic simpering one needing to be backed up by, for want of another word, a right tit of a man, I would have calmly asked him whatÂ’s it like knowing he will never be a pilot only a trolley dolly and ask him if he was bullied at school and if he still lives with his mother and does he tell her he is pilot?

Until next month, come fly with me.

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