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What a load of claptrap!!!

What a load of claptrap!!!

WhatÂ’s happened to intelligent managing & marketing?

One thing that will never cease to amaze me on this Costa is the short-sightedness of some small business owners and managers. Just because they are in charge it does not mean they can walk in and out as they please. Is it not obvious as to what happens when the cat is away? Especially here on the Costa where the majority of employees seem to resent employers and believe they are doing a favour working for someone?

Just because you are in charge it does not mean you can leave the running of the business to employees who might go out for a coffee soon after you have gone. The secret to a successful business is to put as many hours as possible into it. We all know how depleted the market is but you never know when your next best sale will walk through the door or call you on the phone.

As a sales person, in my attempts to look for new clients, I call on many businesses every day, in the majority of cases I am often told that the person in charge is out or gone to a meeting. Asking when he or she is likely to be available is responded to with a shrug of the shoulders and with “I don’t know, the boss comes and goes as he or she pleases, I really cannot say when he or she will be back”. Does this sound familiar?

This happens when I call on the phone and actually get an answer. Yes, is it not amazing that some businesses invest in advertising their address and phone number and do not even answer the phone? Then, when they have a low (even no) response to their adverts they actually blame the publication!

This is what I mean. What’s happened to business common sense? I have been trained, since my earliest business studies that the person in charge must never leave the business without at least notifying when he/she will be back. The very opportunity you were looking for may just turn up when you are out, so make it known when you can be contacted again! If there is no answer to that, you simply lose business. If you want to be sneaky and not let it be known when you are back just to catch employees “in flagrante” I am sure there are many better ways of doing so.

Clients and business people do not have time to waste; they will just move on to your competitor, you should always beavailable. And not just to clients. If you turn down to see or miss to see someone you do not know because you are not there or cannot be bothered or think you are not interested, you could also miss to learn something that might have been to your advantage to know. I get this with frequency in my search for new clients mainly because of the large number of publications on this Costa that can become a nuisance and an interference with the running of a business. Unfortunately you need to make yourself available to be able to use your common sense in making the right advertising choice.


For example, I burst out laughing the other day when I was told they were not interested in what I have to say because they had spent their budget advertising on the TV screens of a bar. Most people at home leave the room when the adverts come on. Does this mean that people go a bar to watch adverts on a screen? I very much doubt it!

How about this other one for laugh? I lived on this Costa for the last 18 years at various addresses, I, nor any of my many friends, have ever received a single magazine delivered to our home. Yet some publications say that this is what they do. One of the main benefits for advertising in magazinesis is represented by the fact that you can target a specific consumer, delivering through letter boxes is not the way to do it. The amount of waste would be far too great to make it viable. So, letÂ’s not fall for this one. Even less so for the one thatÂ’s delivered at the airport! Have you ever seen it? Neither have I; I went specially to look for it several times!

When you advertise in publications that cut publishing down to every two or three months, or even 3 times a year, it determines the number of times your advert will be seen in a year, certainly not every month, this is when the life shelf of a publication becomes relevant.

But are newspapers with large circulation than magazines the answer when only 40% of newspapers reach your targeted consumer and when todayÂ’s newspapers adverts are tomorrow fish & chips wrapping?

Appearance can be deceiving. Good, nice thick paper, glossy cover small publications are achieved with digitallaser print. This is only economical when small quantities are printed; printing costs above a few hundred are literally prohibitive. So that should give you a good idea of market penetration. Proper magazines are printed on flat bed machinery where it is not economical to print less than 10,000, as I do, and still achieve a good image quality reproduction.

Common sense has always been a business personÂ’s best friend, so why is it not used as it should?

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