Saturday, 15th August 2020

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The beauty and the mean machine

A pretty and cute 15-year-old girl, by all means but make no mistake, she is no ordinary teenager.

Raquel Waslander is the latest news in the car-racing world. Not just a woman but a young woman competing in a mans sport. She walks and talks with the authority of a seasoned veteran.
As with all the 'greats', the likes of Schumacher and Damon Hill, Raquel too started karting from the tender age of 6. She has very rapidly moved through the ranks within the karting world to establish herself as a leading contender for the right to race with the best.

Raquel was born in Holland in 1988. When she moved to Spain in 2000 with her parents and sister, the first thing she did was to do us all proud and win that year's Andalucian karting championship.


Competing is one thing and to win and do it convincingly is an art form in motion, but when Raquel competes at such levels it is awe-inspiring. Raquel has now been given a golden opportunity to enhance her career, the opportunity to race big time. Wait for it! Yes, to compete in the World Series, where Formula 1 test drivers home their skills, if you don't mind!

At some 280 kms. per hour down the race track! "It takes concentration" she says "you must think of nothing except what you are doing and as you gain speed you become one with the machine". This is not little girlie talk, this sounds like someone who is determined to win all the way. She does not know what second best means. Perhaps you too may wish to sponsor a winner that makes history as well as headlines.

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