Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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What’s going on?

WhatÂ’s going on?

You will never be a master chef if you canÂ’t even boil an egg. Say the Prickly Pair

Is it just me or has something happened to most people today? WhatÂ’s with all the crying and blubbing at the drop of a hat? This happens everywhere, whenever there is a singing, cooking, dancing, and a knockout competition; on come the water works and thatÂ’s even before the competition starts.

Look at the X factor for example:”What would winning mean to you?” - “Everything” dab eyes “It would change my life” dab eyes, lip quiver. Then comes “the granddad and the grandma who died” story followed by “brought up by a single mum”, grizzle “the dog’s got fleas” dab eyes with 5 inch finger nails. Oh, Please! Shut up! Hey! And that’s just the men!

Get real! Just because you happen to be well tanned or dark skinned and wear trousers round your knees and a basket ball cap worn back to front, it doesnÂ’t make you a singer, a rapper or even a street dancer, not even with a good sob story. Man up! Have a bit of pride, stiff upper lip and all that!

If you are a 20 stone plus lump of lard, you are never going to win “Come Dancing”, “Go Dancing” or any other competition that involves dancing. Are you? So why the tears when you are told “NO” by the judges? In this day and age we are told that if we want something we must go for it. That’s c--p! You will never be a master chef if you can’t even boil an egg.

It’s all happening because kids, also adults, want to act out their imagination and dreams, but dreams don’t normally come true, do they? All that girls seem to want is to become a singer or a model, but it won’t happen if you can’t sing or are on the ugly side. It’s always going to be a ‘wannabe’ dream. If you have that much imagination you may be better off writing a book: entitled “don’t mix up wannabe wit will be”.


To sum it all up, being black doesn’t make you automatically a dancer, singer, rapper or even a soul singer and a sob story “I am ill” or “single mum” won’t make you a star. If you are gay with a gay mate, it won’t make you a singer just because you’re a laugh.

“Toy boy or not toy boy?” That is the question! Just because you are old and get yourself a younger boyfriend, it does not make him a toy boy or you a successful business woman, particularly when he is not a muscled, tanned hunk but just a young, out of work who lives off you (sad).

So donÂ’t try to be what youÂ’re not and then when it doesnÂ’t work bring on the sob story or worse give out the tears and sob story hoping it will work. It wonÂ’t not even if you are black, gay, 20+stones, 50+ years old, and canÂ’t sing, dance or whatever. Give it up now, please.

Till next month, dream on.

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