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Whatís wicker furniture?

What’s wicker furniture?

Think of rattan furniture and your mind takes you back to the Victorian era and the Colonies.

In fact the use of woven vines to make furniture dates as far back as the days of the Egyptian pharaohs; it is of the oldest methods of making furniture.

Wicker is a generic term used to describe any product that is made by weaving together natural stems or vines and rattan is one of nature’s strongest materials; the most highly prized and durable rattan vine is from Southeast Asia. This would explain why rattan furniture is made by hand in South East Asia.

Rattan furniture is very popular for both indoor and outdoor use. The fibre is strong enough and flexible enough to be turned into any type of furniture or object and your furniture could be individually created to give your home a very exclusive look.

Rattan furniture is more durable than you might think it is sturdy enough to be cleaned even with a garden hose or pressure washer, it is ideal for the dry dusty Spanish weather in summer and the damp weather in winter making it the most suitable material for indoor and outdoor furniture, and it matches perfectly the Southern Spain ambience.

Now that the Eden Home & Garden Centre have opened in Estepona, it gives you an opportunity to see some excellent pieces of furniture at very competitive prices.


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