Thursday, 16th July 2020

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Golf Story - Gentlemen's Persuaders

I have just returned from my holiday in dear old Blighty and dear old Blighty is expensive.

It's nice to be back at home, here in Estepona.

Although I say England is expensive I think the Costa del Sol is very nearly the same if not at par with England. 

Talking about "Par", I had the fortune to play a couple of rounds of golf whilst I was there. The weather was fantastic, the courses were in very good order and the icing on the cake was the price of the green fees. You can play most 18 holes established golf courses for about ¾ of the price they charge on the Costa and, when the weather is as good as when we were there, you can't better it.

I played with some old friends that I hadn't seen for several years but who had been reading my column every month. Someone had taken a Web Express Guide home last year and since then they have been logging on the to follow my golfing ups and downs, so they were reasonably well informed and that is why all here were off at the start of our game of golf.

Once they had seen me hit 3 or 4 shots, my usual opening few holes of ARMY GOLF: - Left, right, right, right out of bounds - they all wanted to have a wager with me.


I accepted the bets thinking that I would get better. Not this time, I got worse, terrible in fact. All the same, we all had a great day's golf and lot of reminiscences was flowing under the bridge about how we play now and how we used to play.

I can remember many years ago playing with a couple of elderly chaps, they both had 7 woods in their bags "Gentlemen's Persuaders" they called them. I totally understand the need for them now. The distance I used to hit the ball is no longer achievable. So I have to get lower irons out of the bag to hit the same distance as before. That is why I have now bought myself a 7 and a 9 wood with same encouraging results. The 7 gets me out of the semi rough really well and the 9 wood is really handy at about 80 - 100 metres from my green.

I haven't played with them here yet, I will be keeping you updated and let you know if they are still in my golf bag or gone into the dustbin.

I once heard a Pro give a novice golfer some advice, he told him to cut 2½ inches off the top of all his clubs. The novice golfer asked if this would help his swing. "No." replied the Pro, "They will fit in the dustbin better".

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