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After a duel with Drkula El Bekey wins the 5th leg of the MCP Casino de Marbella (Poker Tournament)

After a duel with “Drákula” “El Bekey” wins the 5th leg of the MCP Casino de Marbella (Poker Tournament)

El Bekey had to contend with 73 opponents during 2 days of intense action in the 5th leg of the MCP

Without doubt his strongest rival was “Drakula”, one of the most charismatic Spanish Poker players. “Drakula,” confessed to have played a very hard Poker
game and offered his sincere congratulations to the winner.

Participation by real Texas professionals was represented by players like Oscar Blanco “La Púa”, the Madrid player who bagged many victories at the fourth edition of “Tangier Poker Million”, Mario Sánchez Cano, from Malaga, a 23 year old with an impeccable track record last year or Joaquín Serrano “Yiyo”, who gives no truce to anyone in the course of the MCP.

More than 12,000 fans shared the tension of the tournament online when tracking the Malaga Poker hand. The tracking instantly shows all the moves, the different movements, Cheap Count, interviews and actions to compose the complete picture of a great league, the Marbella Poker Classic.

As a result of a higher number of participants and the number of re-buys made in the previous stage, as much as €43,635 were distributed in prizes. The
increased extra points in repurchase motivated the players to almost double the previous stage Rebuys.


El Bekey 13.000 €
Drákula 7.675 €
Rafael Martínez Macías 5.120 €
Sergio Pardo 4.185 €
José Antonio Simón Jiménez 3.125 €
Marco Palazón 2.440 €
Fermín Cremádes 1.830 €
Miguel Cortijo “El Duende" 1.000 €

The next stage of the League to be played from 30 to 31 July, will be a special edition with €500 for Buyin and a € 500 Rebuy. Players will be able to qualify via
the different satellites that feed the Casino Marbella.

All information is available on Two tournaments, three Cash Game tables and many professionals, closed with a “finale” weekend of
intense Poker Casino Marbella.

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