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How to prevent or cure golf injuries by Paul Knight BSc (Hons) Ost.

During the eight years I have worked on this coast I have seen patients of all ages with a wide variety of ailments. Many are sports men and women and of course, due to our location, most of them are golfers.

Before moving here I felt it would benefit me and my patients to gain a better understanding of golfing injuries and prevention, the biomechanics of the golf swing and all other factors related to helping golfers stay fit and enjoy their golf, therefore I enrolled on a Golf Health course at the Belfry Golf Course in the UK.

As a keen golfer (a bad one at that) I understand the stresses and strains the body must endure while playing. Many injuries can occur throughout the body but mainly to the lower back. In the modern swing, the golfer finishes in a lordotic ‘reversed C’ position. This leads to hyper-extension of the lower back which adds increased stress on the joints and paraspinal muscles of the lumbar spine. With such extreme rotational forces combined and the flexed spinal position that occurs during the golf swing the lower back can become vulnerable, especially if there are restrictions and unresolved tensions within and around the spine.

Among professional and amateur golfers, low back pain has been cited as the most common golf-related injury.


It is estimated that 10-33% of LPGA and PGA touring professionals are playing whilst injured at any given time and that half the group will develop chronic problems. Many professionals now use osteopaths to alleviate symptoms and prevent long term damage.

Osteopathic techniques help reduce and resolve these functional limitations resulting in a more fluid motion to your swing. From my point of view golf involves the entire body, therefore any restriction or tension anywhere can interfere with your performance.

Your entire body is assessed and treated holistically so that every joint and muscle group moves in harmony with each other.

Orthopedic and neurological tests are carried out to gain a thorough understanding of your bodies function. Self help advice and exercises to improve strength and flexibility are also given to help in the management of your symptoms.n Osteopathy is a common sense approach to maintaining a healthy structure and function throughout your life. Don’t leave it too late, call now and see for yourself.

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