Wednesday, 27th May 2020
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Incredible SOUND & PICTURE

Incredible SOUND & PICTURE

If you want to experience a revolutionary way of watching TV, you must visit Elitetronic in Torreguadiaro and ask them to demonstrate the VideoWave® System. It’s guaranteed to give you goose pimples.

No speakers to be seen, no wires just a simple single integrated system that merges sound and picture like never seen or heard before, to deliver cinematic quality performance from invisible speakers built into the high definition display.

The VideoWave® BOSE system removes home cinema complication by putting everything in one place.

There are no speakers to wire and position. All your sources, Blu-ray player, cable box, gaming system, connect to one hidden away console. Plus, you’ll control it all, from your digital video recorder to your iPod, with a single remote. It’s all part of our Unify® intelligent integration system, designed to make home cinema easier today, and when adding additional sources in the future.


The fusion of full HD picture, vibrant visuals of a 46” high definition screen, with Bose® sound will provide a new experience that needs to be sen and heard to be believed. Acoustic detail and spaciousness well beyond the screen, reach places where there are no speakers. T

he ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system ensures the best sound possible; it recognises room size, shape, even furniture, and automatically adjusts the sound. Seriously, this is a revolutionary system that will heighten your senses of vision and hearing to their maximum limits. You are welcome to see it for yourself at the Elitetronic shop in Torreguadiaro.

They are also the only official Sony distributor from Sotogrande to Marbella. (see their advert)

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