Friday, 10th July 2020

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High returns for little or no investment?

High returns for little or no investment?

Collectibles could well be the answer

While antiques are generally considered to be items over 100 years old and can be collectibles, collectibles are generally newer. This concept began in the 60’s with Coca-Cola paraphernalia and Mickey Mouse watches; given the time, many collectibles can be considered vintage (at least 30 years old).

The hobby of collecting is not new, (stamps, coins, etc.) but the notion of modern-day collectibles (action- figures, vintage novelty and nostalgia items, etc.) has really got going in this era.

Both antiques and collectibles can be found in the same places (auctions, antique shops, flea markets) but while antiques are often collectible, collectibles are usually not antiques. Unlike antiques, which were usually handmade, the modern-day version of collectibles got their start in factories and they were also often inexpensive at the time they were originally manufactured.

Because nothing is ever easy, there is an area where antiques and collectibles overlap.


 Items like silver baby spoons, antique books, and coins that are over a hundred years old can be considered both antiques and collectibles. While it’s true that these items are collectible, once they hit the century mark, many dealers and auction houses put them into the antiques to collectibles, they are referring to vintage items, not antiques.

When did “Trolls” become a collectible item? A collector will pay a good few hundred pounds to add an item to his precious collection. I never imagined that my daughter’s Barbie doll purchased in the 60’s for a few pounds could become such a valuable item.

The list of collectibles is endless and for different reasons. Some could be a discontinued line, others limited editions while others are no longer available through time (1930 & 1940 mechanical toys). It is just a question of knowing what to keep in a good condition, preserving the original box or what to buy that will be or is in demand by collectors.

There is more to the Internet than eBay. One of the things to look out for is local auctions on line and local flea markets; you really never know what you can find that could literally change your lifestyle. Keep your eyes peeled. A man looking down, while checking his lorry, spotted what seemed an interesting item lying of the ground. It turned out to be a folding corkscrew. When he checked it on Google he found similar objects valued at over $150.

Apart from anything else, it is great fun to make money this way.  

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