Saturday, 15th August 2020

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Short Restaurant News

Short Restaurant News

El Estribo Sabinillas, Pasta Caffe Nueva Andalucia, Djawa Indonesian Restaurant Marbella

Weekend Argentinean BBQ Lunch
What a fantastic idea. El Estribo in Sabinillas have come up with the idea of a lunchtime BBQ on Saturdays and Sunday Lunch for €20 per person including wine. It sounds like excellent value!!!

Pasta & Caffé in Nueva Andalucia
Have launched a new 3 course multiple choice menu served on Sunday lunchtimes. At €13.50 (1/2 price for children) this is very good value. It is the ideal place to come with your family, have a first class menu and a first class service. Excellent value for money!! This is becoming very popular and should be booked.

Djawa Marbella
Sometimes it’s easy to deceive clients with fancy names and food, so you may be pleased to know that Djawa is the only TRUE Indonesian restaurant on this Costa. It is well situated in San Pedro, but you really need to know where it is. The food is really authentic, very tasty and extremely competitive.
It is extremely well laid out inside and able to cater for several large parties at the same time. Car parking is not a problem at all. For more details looks this up on our directory online.

For contact details on any of the above, please see our printed directory or our directory online


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