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When fashion meets function!!!!

When fashion meets function!!!!

The world of golfwear is the ideal place where to combine the need for function with fashion

The world of golfwear is the ideal place where to combine the need for function with fashion for instance high-tech Windstoppers, made of a special membrane, ensure that the fabric is absolutely windproof. Microscopic pores ensure good breathability while your body remains warm. Sweaters made of Wind Shield are three times more resistant than traditional fleece and offer additional breathability. Fleeced inside, they keep especially warm and can thus be worn on the golf course instead of a normal jacket.

Golfino, Europe’s market leader in the field of golf fashion, founded in 1986 in Italy and Germany and one of the fastest growing companies in golf wear, makes use of these techniques to provide clothing that can be defined as a high-quality lifestyle product of sporting elegance that people can wear on the fairway and around town alike. The collections comprise ladies, men, juniors, rainwear, accessories, bags and a fragrance line.


The materials in use today are so many and varied that it may be useful to illustrate some of the most commonly used in today’s sports’ and fashion clothing:

The new high tech material; 3-Ultra combines three product attributes that have a mutually positive impact. It is water and wind resistant and at the same time very elastic and light. GOLFINO uses 3-Ultra for the highly functional styles of the GOLFINO collection.
A highly functional jersey or Piqué fabric which removes moisture from the skin to the outside where it spreads and evaporates quickly. This special characteristic keeps the body dry and prevents chilling.
Cashmere is a long-pile wool taken from the Chinese highlands goats. It’s very light and very warm.
CoolMax is a unique fibre construction. During hot and muggy weather it offers a pleasant and dry feeling due to its moisture regulating properties. The moisture is quickly removed away from the body to the outside of the fabric, where it can rapidly disperse. CoolMax also reduces the skin surface temperature.
Dry Comfort is a special fibre made to remove moisture rapidly from the body to the outside of the fabric where it then evaporates very quickly. It is pleasant to wear, soft, light and easy on the skin. GOLFINO uses Dry Comfort for polo shirts and socks.
Similar to Dry Comfort but more compact and easier to grip, therefore, it looks more masculine. At the same time, the material is particularly light.
These synthetic fibres are finer than any natural fibres. Microfibres are not only light and silky soft, but they also provide good weather protection. Depending on the delicacy of the fibres, fabric texture and finishing, they are water resistant and windproof without losing their breathability.
Thanks to the special fabric structure, microstretch provides high elasticity without the use of special elastic fabrics. This guarantees an ideal wearing comfort and optimum ease of movement.
Nano cotton is a self-cleaning fabric. The particles for its finish are anchored into the structure of the fibres at a very high temperature. Water and oil based liquids just run off it. Dirt doesn´t stay on.
Pima cotton is one of the most premium cotton qualities. It is exceptionally soft and supple, therefore extremely comfortable to wear. Pima cotton has longer filaments than conventional cotton and it is more efficient in absorbing moisture. It is also easy to wash or dry-clean and very hard-wearing.
Polarfleece is a fluffy, soft knitted fabric. It has a million tiny air chambers that create an extremely warmth insulation and at the same time guarantee an excellent transfer of moisture from the inside to the outside.
Polarlight is a comfortable, light fabric made of super-fine microfibres. Due to the efficient removal of moisture and simultaneous storage of heat, Polarlight protects not only against cold but also against a build up of heat.
100% water and windproof garments. All seams are welded. GOLFINO works with the latest product innovations in respect of laminated fabrics. Although laminated and 100% wind and waterproof, our fabrics are very treatable.  GOLFINO Rainwear guarantees that you stay comfortably and 100% dry while playing golf.
For some of our rainwear outfits, GOLFINO is using a special stretch rain protection material. In general, it has the same functions like the rain protection material but in addition, it is particularly elastic and offers the best wearing comfort.
The new generation of GOLFINO rain suits is produced in this high tech material. This fabric is 100% water and windproof but very breathable. In addition, absolute freedom of movement is guaranteed by the high elasticity.
Our sun protection garments have a very high sun protection factor (up to factor 50), so the skin is protected from dangerous ultra violet UVB radiation. Sun protection fabrics have a very good breathability and regulate the body temperature. Your skin always feels dry and fresh.
Stretch products are fabrics that are made stretchable (elastic) by elastane or lycra. Elastane or lycra can be mixed with almost all fabrics. Two to four percent of elastane or lycra are enough to give a unique feeling of comfort for the wearer and absolute freedom of movement.
This fabric is super elastic, lengthwise as well as crosswise. Therefore, it offers maximum wearing comfort.
This material is very comfortable, with high breathability it dries very quickly). In addition, Technojersey protects against UV rays. GOLFINO uses this fabric for trousers and sweatshirts.
Teflon-coating is a very thin man-made impregnation for all fabrics. A micro-fine coating around every thread makes the fabric dirt and water-resistant.
ThermoComfort is a very warm but extremely thin lining with hollow fibres ideal for winter trousers. The air captured in the hollow fibres ensures warmth insulation and quick removal of moisture so that the wearer always feels dry and comfortable.
A finish that enables the quick drying of moisture on the inside and the outside, it is particularly suitable for coating on materials for polo and t-shirts to be worn underneath.
Windstoppers are lining materials which are extremely pleasant next to the skin, absolutely wind-proof, while microscopic pores ensure very good cellular activity.
Wool, is an absolutely natural fabric, it leaves a lot of room for improvement in terms of functionality. It is breathable and has a very high standard of comfort for the wearer. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water and has strong heat retention characteristics.

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