Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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Your Home Electronics at Elitetronic Sotogrande

Your Home Electronics at Elitetronic Sotogrande

We've come a long way from Marconi!

Just to give you an idea of how far back I come from, I still remember the days when our evening entertainment at home consisted of a good book while listening to a radio with valves that looked like electric bulbs.

I have seen some incredible advances in my lifetime, spanning from a Stone Age radio set to television, colour television, internet and now even HD, 3D TV and Satellite Transmissions. If 70 years ago you told me this was going to happen, I would have rolled on the floor with laughter.

Take Elitetronic S.L. in Torreguadiaro, they were founded in 1982 as the official distributor of Sony Spain and specialised in telecommunications, meaning satellite installations. They still do install your SKY satellite and they are still SONY distributors,
but they have had to come a long way to satisfy clients demand and keep up with the latest developments in electronics. They have even had to expand their range of suppliers to keep up with modern times and public demand. SONY, BOSE, SONOS, JBL, YAMAHA, DENON, ONKYO are now part of the makes they represent in order to provide the latest hi-tech rage requirements of a modern home.

So what are these modern requirements that Elitetronics provide?

Home Automation
Now you can control what happens in your home with a remote or even just a mobile phone while you are away. You can program a whole range of tasks via a home computer and you can even see every corner of your home while you are on holidays.

A good and reliable electrical installation is essential in order to provide a safe and and reliable illumination inside and outside the house. However this can be designed and tailor made to meet individual needs, especially when home automation is concerned. Fibre
optics controlled lighting, door opening and closing controls and all other specific needs require to be planned and carefully installed. Further more one needs this to be done with speed and guaranteed.

e to provide a satisfactory after sale service.


Repairs and Maintenance
Unfortunately electronic products like TV sets, players, computers, hi-fis, satellites, internet and so on can malfunction or need repair from time to time, so you need a reliable service provider without delay.

Home Cinema
You can now enjoy a cinema at home. Elitetronic can create and install the most modern home cinema available. Everything that’s needed for the greatest effect and comfort you can find in a cinema: projector, a spectacular sound effect, lighting effects, seats, wall covering, ceiling, screen, floors… and even the popcorn.

SONY offers a substantial range of table tops and lap top computers VAIO with all accessories. Elitetronic have special offers and can individually configure the equipment.

Dish Aerials
Whether individual or collective, you need to have the right aerial installation in order to maximise reception for digital and other European platforms. (SKY DIGITAL – CANAL DIGITAAL (HOLLAND) - CANALSAT (FRANCE) - SVT – EUROPA (SWEDEN) - TV FINLANDIA (FINLAND) - TV VLAANDEREN (BÉLGIUM) - NTV (RUSSIA) - ARABESQUE (ÁRAB EMIRATES) MAIN FEATURE

Image & Sound
Elitetronic specialize in the sale and installation of high quality audiovisual systems and they use the best possible makes in the market: Sony, Bose, Loewe, Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer, Kenwood, Onkyo, Escient...

Surveillance Systems
Elitetronic can install a surveillance system with which you can: see in real time what’s happening anywhere in your home or business via the internet. – View or delete recorded images or video – Download images or videos – Receive the events via SMS or email.

This is a good time to consider improving or installing your home electronic systems because of the various offers that are at hand, but you need to make sure that you contact a reliable and experienced company that will also continu

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