Saturday, 15th August 2020

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Think ahead this Christmas!

Think ahead this Christmas!

Christmas useful reminders

Thinking of going skiing this winter? Make sure you’re covered, not only by ski wear but also don’t forget your insurance needs. Don’t get stuck or broken down by the side of the road in freezing weather before you realize that your insurance does not cover all emergencies.
Remember LINEA DIRECTA for all your car and home cover all year round. See the main advert.

Order your house and table decoration flowers well in time. You will find all you need and more at FLORIUM in Sotogrande. See their directory advert.

You must visit SAVERLAND in Gibraltar or have a look at their website. There is far too much stuff to mention it all here. Toys, games, stocking fillers and lots more, it really is a fun place to visit and save lots of money.

MAX is at Los Barrios, opposite Cine Cité. Thousands of clothing items, great for teenage fashions. Great prices, you’ll get much more for your money. See main advert or even better, go there!

Sports Clothing. Forget socks for dad this Xmas. Go sporty with autumn/winter clothing at GOLFINO. Great body warmers for all sports or just winter wear. See main advert.


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