Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home

Don’t get me wrong, I think that fund raising for charity is a great thing.

Collections for animals, illnesses, etc. it’s all fine, but what is it with all these events that constantly go on up and down the Coast on a  regular basis?

Not one week passes without a singer grouping together with anyone at all to brink out a charity disc. As far as I can see this is some kind of self promotion, but after more than a year he should give it up. Obviously nobody wants to buy it and he’ll probably never be a proper singer.

You also get the people who organise all these so called charity events. This seems to be their whole life. What would they
do without charities?

Ah! And what about the master of charity events, Mr Maurice Boland? That man really does give a lot of himself to charities and shows such as the “Wow factor”. What a guy! Still going by what I have heard about him, he really does give a lot of himself! Wow!

Then you read about a charity event that had hundreds of people who only raised about €1000. How sad! I am sure that if all those people searched down the back of their sofas for spare change they could have raised a lot more. May be I could hold a charity event to raise funds for ex charity fund raisers.


And here’s another thing. How come all the people sitting outside supermarkets begging for food and money are so fat? It doesn’t make sense. And how come all these great singers I never heard of have never had a hit record? Oh! I know! They’re c..p, that’s why!

When a club or restaurant have a charity event held there and the guests pay, say €30 per person for a 3 courses meal followed by a charity auction to raise money, why don’t the guests just give the €30 to charity instead of having the meal? Surely going without the meal to raise money for starving people would raise a more substantial amount and it would be sort of more appropriate for a charity raising money to help people suffering from hunger. Don’t you think? As I am sure that the said golf club or restaurant does not give the food for the meal for free. Surely not! They make money out it, ‘no’? May be I am wrong and if I am I am sure somebody will put me right.

What about the beggars that approach you for money whilst whinging about their children. Apparently being penniless is a good cure for impotence.

It seems that having no food makes you fat and having no money makes you randy. Whilst if you can’t sing, bring out countless charity discs. But if you are raising money for starving children, go to a restaurant have a 3 course meal. I really don’t get it, maybe I am sick, perhaps I’ll go and see if there is a charity to help me get over it.

Till next month, keep giving.

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