Saturday, 11th July 2020

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Saverland Gibraltar at Halloween, at Christmas, at anytime

Saverland Gibraltar at Halloween, at Christmas, at anytime

The largest range of Halloween gear, toys and board games in English.

Saverland Discount Stores in Gibraltar is a success story that needs to be told. Counting on four different stores, they have now added their website showing the whole range of products at incredible bargain prices. This facility now enables clients to buy on line and have three options for payments: on delivery to your door in Spain by cash or cheque, on collection at any of the stores or online at the time of ordering.

Price and convenience are not the only reasons for their success, a lot has to do with the large choice that is available, as for instance with the Halloween gear and costumes and the fact that games, particularly board games, are all in English.


Ordering online and choosing your method of payment is easy. You may also choose the option of having your goods ready to pick-up in
our shops to save hunting for them! You will find that products are added to the website on a weekly basis, so whatever you may need,
be it kitchenware, household goods, toys, games, toiletries, electrical goods, tools, and anything else take a peek at what is available
at or visit any of their stores in Gibraltar. You will find what you are after and save good money. Happy shopping!

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