Saturday, 8th August 2020

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The cheapest phone calls provider

The cheapest phone calls provider

Cut the cost of your phone bill abroad by 70%

The need to stay in touch by telephone regularly with family or business contacts abroad is an expensive from here in Spain.

The news is that the Mega Mobile Group have developed a way to slash the cost of international calls without the need to change the service provider, phone number or SIM card. The system works through a device which is attached to the SIM card of your mobile phone. It cuts the cost of international calls by up to 70%, anywhere in the world. For instance, a call from a Spanish mobile to a UK landline may cost 35 cents a minute with your service provider but with the Mega Mobile system it would only cost 2.5 cents a minute.

Trials have proven that it works with any type of phone, including blackberrys & Iphones in fact the chip is compatible with 99% of mobile phones and it works with any service provider. You don’t have to change anything –you keep the same number, the same provider and the same SIM card. In fact, if you so choose, you can switch off the device without removing it and then switch it back on when you needit.


The device or the credit do not expire and last as long as your phone. The cost is a mere €19.95 and that includes €10 credit. You may call
at the Mega Mobile office in Fuengirola to have the device fitted to the SIM card however Mega Mobile can make arrangements to visit
anyone if they have difficulty getting to the office.

Mega Mobile has been out and about recently meeting their customers at the Hippodromo racecourse and at their sponsored Golf tournaments up and down the coast which are proving very successful.

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