Thursday, 25th February 2021

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Kids Corner Costa del Sol

Kids Corner Costa del Sol

Hello Kids of all ages! If you have any comments to make on this page, please do send them to the On the other hand if you have some websites that you would like to share with all other kids, do send them in with your own photo and when we publish it you will be able to show off to your friends with your name and photo in print and online in Web Express Guide
Walk in the Woods is designed for third through fifth grade students to gain an appreciation of nature. Sometimes students are not able to go to a forest preserve or woods, so this brings the woods to them.
Movie-lists- Need some fresh ideas for family movie night?
Whether you want to watch kids movies from Disney/Pixar, enjoy comedy or drama or are looking for a specific pick for little kids, preteens or teens, our family movies list offers
We live in an era of discovery. How does the brain process information and store knowledge? How do mutations in key genes cause disease? How do cells communicate?
The challenge of solving these and other questions drives the quest for knowledge at
the heart of our work at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

This is the place for great free songs for kids!
Download all the terrific children’s songs you want to. There are no guarantees how long any of them will be here, so grab them while you can. Have fun exploring!! And don’t forget to visit the artists’ web sites!

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