Wednesday, 1st April 2020

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Face to Face

Face to Face

Is it just me? Or does anyone else think itÂ’s pretty sad to build up a whole group of friends on Facebook.

As a matter of fact these so called friends are not really friends at all but belong to someone else, someone you really may not even know, but someone that somebody you know knows.

Talk of “Friend Unite”! Why on earth would I want to look up some lonely, fat, spotty kid who used to go to the same school as me years ago, whom I never spoke to even then? Maybe if they're sad and lonely now thereÂ’s a chance for friendship (NOT). If they were not physical friends then whatÂ’s changed now? TheyÂ’re old and boring? Can there be anything sadder than a person with hundreds of friends but only on the internet? Well, probably yes, somebody on Facebook with no friends or only just 5 or so and thatÂ’s out of about the whole world.

The strangest thing is looking on Facebook and seeing somebody you know in real life suddenly appearing interesting, outgoing, and smart and with such an interesting and successful life when the real person you do know is actually stupid and boring.

Even sadder is people putting pictures on Facebook posing with pets. It’s like photos with friends but like having no friends yet (until accepted on Facebook). “So, look at me with my pets until then”.

I mean what possesses women of a certain age to include her kids’ mates on Facebook ? “Grow up!! They probably think you are a sad old hag, if their mothers don’t want you on their Facebook why would their kids?” If their average age is 14 or so they’re not your friends are they? So out of a total of 40 friends knock off about 30 t0 35! Also knock off long lost members of your family. I don’t know about you but my family members I want to talk to I still phone them or even see them.

If I need friends I make friends be it short or long term. We chat, have a coffee, gossip ‘Face to face’, you know, like in the old days. Or may be not for you? And why do some not put their own photos on Facebook, only a black silhouette? Why don’t you just shout out “I am ugly but would you still be my friend?” Well I am sure Face to Face Is it just me? Or does anyone else think it’s pretty sad to build up a whole group of friends on Facebook. someone will, even if it’s someone you never knew you knew.


Then you have ancestry finding. Where did you come from? Well one thing is for sure, if your ancestors are from Australia going back a few years, you are probably related to criminals. If you come from say Suffolk then you come from farmers, if from America, they were settlers
and if you hail from say Wales, well never mind there is always Facebook.

The point I am trying to make is that if your spend most of your day chatting on the computer you will never have time to go out and meet real friends, still if youÂ’re over a certain age you have probably tried that and it really never worked out, did it?

Relationship sites, match making sites, etc. just about say it all as with Facebook. When you meet someone for real and they donÂ’t want you...

What can I say? If youÂ’re not careful youÂ’ll end up living a virtual life:

  • Facebook lets you meet friends you never met
  • Dating sites let you meet dates you never date
  • Ancestry sites show you a family you never knew
  • Sex Site is where you have sex you never get

Still till next time have fun. Your virtual mate Prickly pair.

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