Friday, 3rd July 2020

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Solutions in Disguise

Solutions in Disguise

One Stop Reformas & Construction have offered to sponsor this section for the benefit of Expats who may wish to find answers to their questions or problems relating to their property.

We have been commissioned to do many small, medium and large re-modelling and reform works this year.

In this current climate people who cannot move to upgrade or increase living space because they are unable to sell their properties but need additional space for growing families or to increase their chances of selling. We have been involved in the process from design to  implementation and our brief is usually to convert under utilized space to additional living space – or to upgrade and modernize existing spaces – Bathrooms, kitchens etc or to build new additions.

The most obvious questions we are asked are regarding licences and costs.

In most cases where changes are internal and do not increase the m2 of the property this would entail applying for an obra minor (minor works licence). In this application you would fill in the relevant form from the Ayuntiamento and return it with an estimate, basic plan showing the changes, location and some additional supportive documentation. In the majority of cases this process can take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks.


We actually take care of the leg work on this for our clients. Where changes are made that would significantly increase the height of the property, add addional buildings to the plot or the m2 of either the internal areas or the terraces this very well may fall under the obra major (major works) license. This is a much more complicated process which might involve architects, surveyors and legal issues.

This process takes considerably longer and must be done properly to avoid future problems. We are happy to provide introductions to our professional partners who will deal with the authorities on our clients behalf.Anybody thinking of entering into any of these works can call us at any time for a free inspection and estimate of costs.

The above information is given as a matter of general awareness and no liability is accepted for their accuracy without the opportunity to examine specific cases.
ONE STOP are specialists in all areas of construction ‘in house’ – if you have any building requirements please call them and they would be happy to arrange a visit.

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