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THE QUIZ - Who am I?

THE QUIZ - Who am I?

Name this person and win a free meal for TWO valued at €25 in total with a bottle of house wine at Flaherty’s Irish Restaurant at the Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande. Send your entry by e-mail to by the 10th September 2010. The first correct answer to be drawn will be the winner. With your answer, you must supply name, phone number and at least the area where you live..

I was born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France. My mother encouraged me to take up music and dance, and I proved to be very adept at it. By the time I was 15 I tried a modelling career.

I wanted to marry at the age of 17, but my parents wouldn’t have it so I had to wait until I became 18. My incredible beauty was readily apparent and I found myself in the French magazine “Elle”.

From there I moved on to the French screen and the success achieved led my career on to the U.S. film industry. My explosive sexuality took the US by storm. Good, bad or indifferent, my films drew audiences, mainly men, into cinemas like lemmings.

I retired from movies just before I turned 40. I prefer life outside of stardom because, while it enabled me to become internationally famous, it also carried with it annoyances such as fans entering my home and wandering about hoping to get a glimpse of me and paparazzi constantly hounding me with their cameras.

People have taken advantage of my generosity. I am a leading spokesperson for animal rights and my work in this area is perhaps greater than any films I made. WHO AM I?


LAST MONTHS WINNER WAS: John Leckey - Estepona

The most complete answer: Mahatma Ghandi

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