Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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Get a life pet!

Get a life pet!

WhenÂ’s a pet not a pet? Ask the Prickly Pair

*In my opinion, when itÂ’s a substitute for a proper life. I have always thought an animal has a place in our lives. I love my dogs; my dogs love me as do all my pets.

I am a dog person and I have never been without one. I feed them, water them, exercise them; they love me. They would guard the house, guard me and my children, eat when I say, sleep when I say, bark when I say. They can be with me or stay at home yet not destroy the house in my absence or annoy the neighbours with constant barking.

I like big dogs, they seem to serve a purpose, but never have my dogs become my whole life, or even a cat, for that matter. But what’s going on lately? You pick up a pet magazine and the pages are full of pet problems: - “Dear Mr Dog expert, I have a small dog and I take him everywhere in a small doggie-bag, but now I can’t seem tobe able to leave the house without him. I don’t understand it (Derr!)”. Well, excuse me, if he thinks from birth he is joined to you by a small pouch, no wonder! I think owners should be taught some common sense.

Why is it that somebody who walks dogs for a charity suddenly becomes an expert? Why do cat owners treat their cats as if they are the kings or queens or princesses of the house? Even though they c—p in a box in the house and rip down the curtains? Why do fully grown up men not realise they look pathetic with a Chiwawa on a diamante lead?

DonÂ’t get me started on horse whisperers! ThatÂ’s a lot of bullshit. These people are only using the complete ignorance and lack of common sense of owners who should have stuck to a Tamagochi virtual pet.

If a horse bites you, smack it! If it kicks you, smack it! (but hopefully look for the tell-tell signs before he does). Remember it is not a baby and it is using your fear inexperience and lack of common sense to get its own way. Remember that if it constantly bucks you off it is not necessarily because of a bad back, maybe itÂ’s a bad rider or he just does not fancy riding.


Sometimes we look for deeper reasons, when there are none other than bad owners.

If my dog gets on my bed and refuses to get off, I would get a long handled broom push it off and then give it a swift broom up the bum.. Oh, but thatÂ’s cruel! But again, like the horse that bucks you off, do you think he feels sorry for you? No! Will he sit with you at hospital while they put a cast on your arm? No! Will he say sorry? No!

So owner, yes you will get bitten and you will fall off the horse but learn it is tough training animals. The trick is to be one step ahead of your pet. When my puppies bit or tried to bite, a swift flick on the nose every time soon stopped it. Not, “Oh he’s playing!”, no, he is practising!

And no, Mr Natural Horsemanship, there is really no natural horsemanship. Left in the wild a horse would not saddle itself and put up jumps and naturally jump over them. And no, you cannot ask a horse to fit to us we must tell it to and that telling has to be constant because, the moment we stop, all animals would revert back to bad natural habits. This you will find will occur in cats, dogs, horses and any animal, even husbands.

Till next timeÂ…have fun PET!

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