Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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Solutions in disguise

Solutions in disguise

One Stop Reformas & Construction have offered to sponsor this section for the benefit of Expats who may wish to find answers to their questions or problems relating to their property.

To launch the section we have approached people at random, but please do write in with your own questions to the and you will get an answer direct to yourself irrespective of it being published or not.

I have water damage to my walls around my patio and patio doors & terrace ceilings.
In many cases we have found older terraces are laid without correct – or indeed any membranes – and with damaged or poor grouting and inadequate fitting of patio doors. These issues (or combination of issues) allow water to permeate into concrete and then seep into the plaster of the interior walls. In these instances – following
an inspection - our recommended solutions include lifting the patio tiles, fitting a new and correct waterproof membrane (that is additionally set into the walls) – then relay new tiles and rodopier. A proper inspection and report prior to work should be insisted upon. If the water penetration is severe ensure that the interior is de-humidified prior to repair work and correct treatments are applied
to the surfaces.


We have a flat roof extension and we have damp problems.
Flat roofs are traditionally a problem. Modern construction materi-als have made them more reliable recently however. It is possible on older roofs that any existing membrane has cracked or failed as a result of age, climate or incorrect construction. In some instanc-es we find the flat roof has been tiled – and as with terraces no membrane has been fitted or the membrane has failed. We would recommend firstly an inspection followed by a report. Any drain-age channels be cleared and possibly improved then membranes, construction surfaces, ingress points, skylights etc be checked for damage and repaired.


The above replies are given as a matter of general information and no liability is accepted for their accuracy without the opportunity to examine the problem.
ONE STOP REFORMAS & CONSTRUCTION S.L. have specialists in all areas of construction ‘in house’ – if you have any building requirements please call them and they would be happy to arrange a visit.

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