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€20,500 For the Winner of the First Stage of Marbella Classic Poker 770

€20,500 For the Winner of the First Stage of Marbella Classic Poker 770

Sergio RĂ­os was the winner of the first stage of MarbellaÂ’s Classic Poker Tournament at the Casino Marbella

He pocketed 20,500 € and 264 points. The total number of players was 119 , which accounted for some of the most outstanding personalities in the world of poker, with a prize pool from more than 6 0,000 €.

The first stage of this main event started at 8 pm on Friday the 5 th Mmarch and it included 17 qualifiers from the 50 participants of the satellite game of the previous day.

In addition to the large number of participants the most remarkable event on this first day was the elimination of one of the greatest poker players. ValentĂ­n Berruezo was the first player to exit the tournament. Bad luck seemed to plague this player.

The other players that failed to qualify for the following day were Paul Zimbler “The Marbella Kid”, Ernesto Jiménez “Grischuck”, Víctor Mendicuti “Mendi”, David Amilleta and Marco Van Opzeland.

The remaining 58 players included among others Santi Torres “The Catalan”, Fermín Cremades, Jeppe Sorensen, Erwin de Koster and Ricard Bozicevich “Conejolocko”.


By the Sunday there were only 10 remaining players for the final table. They all had prize moneys and points for the league. The record number of players (119 ), as well as the rebuys (60) and addons (20) contributed to a prize pool of 2,685 €.

The finalists sat down at 5 pm to conclude the tournament by midnight after a hand to hand lasting more than two hours between the finalists Sergio Ríos “Patxy Pot” and Halit Sahitaj “Alex”. At stake were the prize money and the qualifying points of the Marbella Classic Poker 770 league which consists of 10 entries for the World Series of Poker of Las Vegas.

A Queen of Spades and a Seven of Hearts suited Sergio to make an all-in, showing a flop with a Seven of Diamonds, Eight of Spades and of Diamonds. Alex called with a King of Hearts and a Three of Clubs gaining second position with 10,000 € and 187 points.

In third place, Alejandro Rodríguez León, received 6,3 00 € and 152 points. Gerard Van Leest, in fourth place got 132 points and 5,100 € and in fifth place Simon James Booth, 4,3 00 € and 118 points. José Luis Cordero “Sevillano” was sixth with 3,7 00 € and 108 points. The seventh, eight, ninth and tenth winners were Jacques Vanharen (3,200 € + 100 pts.), José Ruiz Ariza (2,500 € + 93 pts.), Raúl González Baena ( 1,800 € + 88 pts.) and José Robles González ( 1,250 € + 83 pts.)

The next tournament will coincide with the Semana Santa on the 1st April (satellite) and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (main event). There will be a freeze out of 770 €. As from the Monday of the same week there will be a sit & go classifier.

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