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Simple Care

Simple Care

The health care plan that every one can afford

There are two reasons for wanting private medical care. Iin the first instance, it is to avoid being placed on a long waiting list and the other is because you feel you are getting a better treatment.

Private medical attention is expensive; this is why most people subscribe to a private health insurance plan that will pay for any medical care that may be required in the future. The concept is good and certainly beneficial, however there are certain factors involved that make it impossible for everyone to benefit fully.

For instance, the monthly premium keeps increasing every year as you get older and there is an age limit beyond which you get no cover. So, when you need it most because of advanced years, it is either denied to you or it becomes unaffordable.

The other factor is exclusion. Iif you have already suffered from something or have a chronic illness and any other problem remotely connected with it, this is excluded and not covered by the policy.

Considering that the insurance companies pay hospitals with up to 70% discounts on the prices they charge to patients direct, does it not make sense to skip the insurance and pay up to 30% direct to the hospital or specialists?

If you subscribe to Simple Care, it will cost you a mere €12 per month to enjoy complete in and outpatient care at contracted rates reserved only for major Iinsurance Companies. This means that:

  • You get private treatment in Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, and with Specialists, Oral Mmaxillofacial Surgeons and Dental Care.
  • You only pay when you need the treatment
  • There is no age restriction or exclusion because of medical history.
  • And you save an awful lot of expensive monthly premiums, which amount to a tidy sum every year.


The Simple Care network of health centres and hospitals is equipped with the latest technology that will provide Simple Care clients with special and personalized treatment. In addition, should you require a second opinion, the best, internationally recognized specialists are at your service.

As an additional separate service, Simple Care also provides a non-urgent Home Health Service from 9 am to pm on Monday to Saturdays. An experienced GP can visit you in your home, workplace or hotel, normally within three hours, and save you hours in waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Please remember this is not an emergency service. In case of emergency you should always call 061 and ask for an ambulance.
For further information and enquiries please contact Dr. R. Prat direct on 952 768 315

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Simple Care

This individual is using my companies registered trade name,without consent. In Spain, it is a criminal offence to use anothers trade name.The trade name of SimpleCare is registered to Simple health care SL.

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