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Let Nature Paint Your Garden

Let Nature Paint Your Garden

Nature could not be more expressive than in Andalucia. By Vivéros Edén.

You do not need to take long walks to be able to observe the creative beauty of nature in Andalucia. You could be driving out of town, climbing a hill and, just over the brow, observe the grand opening of the most beautiful work of art created by nature with the different colours provided by wild flowers. I do not think that any painter or even photographer can actually reproduce such an incredibly breathtaking spectacle.

A number of plants actually do flower throughout the year but January marks the start of the second part of winter, moving on to spring and these amazing sights, changing from month to month as the days grow longer and warmer, can be seen with increasing frequency all the way to May and even June.

DonÂ’t you think it makes sense to capture some of this astounding beauty and grow it in our own garden? After all, the singular climate we live in is a gift of nature to everyone inhabiting Andalucia and we should be grateful for it.

Why not make use of these gifts of nature? However, although they are obviously hardy plants that require little attention, you do not want the garden to look like a jungle. You need to plan what should go where and with some intelligent planning, mixing some wild flowers with other plants and flowers you will be able to create your own oil painting outside own home.

It may be difficult to beat nature itself, but you certainly can achieve some spectacular sights in your own garden; sights that will change in colour and appearance throughout the year according to the seasonal weather brought forward by nature itself.

  • January
    Golden buttercups are the first to appear, they can often be seen is by Christmas time. They are everywhere, carpeting fields, and o roadside verges. The yellow carpet is peppered by here and there by white Convulvulus and Crown daisies.
  • February
    The most beautiful sight in February is present, without a doubt by the almond blossoms and the Mimosa trees even though they are not strictly wild plants, but certainly part of the landscape, which is now carpeted with the pinks and blues of the Periwinkle, the yellow of Scorpion Vetch, the pink flowers of Sage and the blue of of the tiny Barbary Nuts.
  • March
    March brings a whole array of different colours, provided by Crown Daisies, Pink Convulvulus, Purple Vipers Bugloss, Galactites Thistles. Out in the sierras, Mediterranean Orchids gleam among the rocks.
  • April
    This is when the abundance of colour really exceeds all expectations. There is no end to the variety of different flowers rising to the warming season and just to name a few choose between Yellow Phlomis, Giant Thapsia, Garlic and Foxgloves, Irises and Gladioli, Thyme, Flax, wild Sweet Peas, Aphylanthes, Stonecrop, Chickweed, Catchfly, Sandwort.
  • May
    The pink and red flowers of the Oleanders mark the end of spring and the start of summer.
  • All year round
    Of course the mild climate encourages some plants to bloom all year round. No need to have a leafless and colourless garden in winter. Rosemary and Lavender offer a very pleasant sight as well as scent. Some smaller and less noticeable flowers will also make their contribution like the white and yellow of the sea daisies.

You might need some help and expert knowledge of the local plants in order to plan your garden; therefore it makes sense to ask the help of a local gardener to assist you in your choice. Vivéros el Edén, not only are they born and bred local gardeners but they also provide a nursery with an incredible variety of healthy plants and flowers for all seasons at incredibly reasonable prices.


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