Friday, 10th July 2020

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More than just dentists!

More than just dentists!

Despite the economic climate and competition, some businesses provide such an excellent service that they are in constant demand, one such example is provided by the Dentists in Sotogrande.

There is no substitute for the best when it comes to dental appearance and treatment and the Dentists in Sotogrande quite clearly do not accept to be second best.

The clinic, situated in Paniagua, is directed by Dr. Lotta Kvist and Dr. Anders Friman, both have a vast 20 years experience in all aspects of dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry, in which they specialize. They have been in Sotogrande for the last 6 years and their reputation now reaches most parts of the Costa del Sol.

They originally met at the UMEA University is Sweden, when they became good friends, but although they wished they could work together, life does have its own plans with the result that Anders started working in Germany and then Abu Dabi, whereas Lotta ended up in Norway, Abu Dabi and then Spain. All through this time they kept in touch and finally their wish was granted when they decided to open a joint venture in the South of Spain.

The services they provide are quite extensive, although they are both excellent general dentists, their colleague at the clinic, Dr. Wojtec Marochek is a first rate orthodontist and, Dr Annika Skoglund, an oral surgeon and implant specialist. Lotta is also a dental technician and together they all make the formidable team capable of practising oral Maxiofacial surgery that has helped them specialize in extreme makeover.

Anders and Lotta are both members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; only the top 1% of American Dentists belongs to it, continuing education into the development of the latest techniques, a constant and progressive education that also requires personal attendance at regular intervals. Accreditation by the Academy means greater safety and higher quality of treatment resulting in state of the art dental care with a supreme dazzling smile.

There is a lot more to teeth than curing a toothache. A beautiful mouth can change your whole expression, the way you feel and even your life. The Dentists are well aware of this and they go to great length to achieve this for each individual client.


Firstly the smile analysis will be made, this consists of a full analysis. Photos, X-Rrays, mouth cleaning which are followed with a visual mock up of what you will look like at the end of the process. Once that is agreed, temporary veneers are fitted to give you the chance to get used to it and make any corrections that you may desire before the final porcelain fitting.

Visiting the surgery is a pleasant experience, both Lotta and Anders are aware that some patients may be somewhat nervous, therefore your visit is made as relaxing and as welcoming as possible to make you aware that you are in the best hands possible.

Not content with just giving clients the best and most attractive smile possible, The Dentists have formed an association with Dr Kay O. Kaye of Ocean Clinic in Marbella, a well known plastic surgeon, enabling patients to change their whole appearance to the highest possible extent.

Dentist Sotogrande, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Costa del Sol
Estepona, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Galerias Paniagua, 11311
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Dentist Sotogrande, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Costa del Sol

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