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Bring back Christmas past!

Bring back Christmas past!

ItÂ’s bad enough with the recession at least punish the vermin that plague our society.

by Edwin L. F. Gladstone

Sometimes I tend to close my eyes and look back in time to remember precious moments of my past life; I suppose we all tend to do this from time to time.

The other day could not help thinking back to December 1957. I know! It was a long time ago! We used to live in Cricklewood, the nearest tube station was Kilburn and the nearest High Street wasÂ… yes, you guessed it, Kilburn High Street.

I recall a heavy thick fog that lasted for days, then when it cleared there followed quite a bit of rain and a light snow fall, our heating was provided by coal fires in some of the rooms.

I was 14 years old then, and just a few days before the 25th, everyone went Christmas shopping to the High Street, including myself. I distinctly recall grand-ma telling me to leave the door on the latch in case someone came to see us while we were away. Can you imagine?

Once on the High Street we separated and I went on my own to spend my few shillings to buy presents. I still remember the old wooden floors in Woolworth, the old, musty smell mixed with the fragrance of chocolate. I even remember the old attendant behind the counter, smiling: “Are you buying presents for mum and dad?” she asked.

This is just another fleeting memory that takes me back in time to when things were very, very different. But then every generation seems to say the same. Are things getting worse with every new generation? Or is it that the older generations cannot adapt to new trends and a faster moving world?

Well let’s see! Can you imagine what would have happened to me if I told my teacher to “get stuffed”? And what if told my father to “shut up”? These days I have heard and seen a lot worse. It is even dangerous to go out in the street because of teenage behaviour.

Please do not even try to tell me that the older, grumpy generations do not fit in this new, fast world. I too play games on computers, go out to drink, listen to music, talk and text on the mobile but do not go out of my way to stab people in the street just because they dared looking at me.

The real trouble is caused by all these “do gooders” who really should be sent into space to find another planet.


Who says I do not have the right to give my son a good clout for misbehaving? Report me for child abuse? Would you? My father used to give me a good smack for picking up the knife with the wrong hand at the table! He has not caused me any damage but it certainly taught me manners.

I still remember the terrible moments when I had to stick my hand out and hold it up there for the teacher to warm it up with one or two lashes of his ruler across the palm. It didnÂ’t damage me but it taught me to behave in class.

In my opinion corporal punishment is an essential part of tuition that cannot be done without. LetÂ’s face it, even animals know this instinctively, it is part of nature to correct the young ones and ensure that they grow up to behave as they should, while showing respect for their elders and betters. Any animal that does not conform and persists with its bad habits is either destroyed by the others or expelled from the group.

When children do not get punished, they get used to getting away with it and over two generations, as we can see, they turn into hooligans and criminals.

Unfortunately the problem goes on and criminals do not get their just punishment for their crimes so they keep doing it. Bring back corporal punishment, execute the first and see how quickly the number of killings and murders will go down.

Stop catering for the illegal immigrants that are plaguing the whole of Europe, send them back and see they wonÂ’t try it again. Punish the MPs who have stolen from public funds, and then you can be sure they wonÂ’t do it again. They hanged Saddam Hussain for war crimes, whatÂ’s going to happen to Mr Blair and Mr Bush?

I think it is a sad state of affairs when you have to be in fear of being robbed or even stabbed when you go Christmas shopping. ItÂ’s a disgrace! 

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