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Itís Party Time!

It’s Party Time!

What do we wear? By Casandra Jo.

The party dresses for Autumn and Winter 2009/2010 are full of shine, and they are short and tight, so the trend for all things sparkly continues.






Think of a sea of sequins, dazzling all those in your wake.






However, if you do prefer something a little less flashy, there are plenty of other alternatives available, which rely on folds of fabric or sheer panels for added drama.

Obviously, each fashion brand has made some adaptations and, for that reason, we can find many possibilities and combinations when we are going to buy new clothing for the season.



Pull and Bear, the Spanish chain of fashion, offers us some nice dresses for the Autum-Winter 2009/2010: They are 1980s-style dresses in black and silver and can be worn with waist-length jackets and studded boots (or booties).




This season, TopShop has added an original touch and created bold and very varied dresses: Printed dresses, dresses with tulip skirts, golden dresses, sheer dresses, pleated dresses, voluminous dresses, shiny dresses, and dresses with a drop-needle stitching, or with a metallic appearance, or with a sweet-heart neckline¬Ö No doubt, this TopShop collection is one of the Autumn-Winter collections with more options to choose from.


Stradivarius has opted for a little different concept: Its collection offer us evening dresses made of knitted fabrics in black, beige, and grey; they are warm and comfortable. Of course, the collection also includes dresses made of other materials, but a common feature is that all of them look good with belts that enhance and highlight the figure.


Nothing is more classic or ¬Ďformal¬í than the dinner suit. But its rules vary greatly to semi-formal and fashion suits.

Choosing the Perfect Suit
Yes, suits in 2009 and 2010 are all about classic elements but there are still plenty of factors away from the trend elements that you have to contemplate. Consider all of the following before making an investment in a suit this year.
How Many Buttons?
The amount of buttons a single-breasted suit jacket should sport is really a matter of personal preference, but let me offer the following:

¬ē One Button
A single button falls into the realm of a fashion suit;
¬ē Two Buttons
Suggests a modern suit. It conveys height, slims the waist, and fits perfectly within the realm of fashion and classicism.
¬ē Three Buttons
Very much a look of the 1990’s, it’s making a come back and has been seen amongst the tailored wares of Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label.
¬ē Four Buttons or more
Please don’t.

This is really simple: choose a suit with two side vents. The only time to break this rule is if you’re buying a dinner suit.

As we return towards classic tailoring in 2009 we’ll see a return of the peaked lapel. That said, notched lapels are not
of fashion and both are an equally good investment.

Which Cloth Should You Pick?
The fabric you buy your suit in will be on of the biggest factors in the price you pay, but selecting the right fabric will also play a big factor in whether you buy an investment piece or a one season wonder.

 ¬ē Wool
The clear favourite for suits, but pick carefully. I’ve seen some very expensive wool suits fall apart due to the cloth being a terrible blend.
¬ē Cotton
Cotton can make a beautiful suit, but make no mistake: it’s best only as an informal or fashion suit and is going to crease like anything.
¬ē Linen
So many men simply don’t understand linen. A linen suit can be perfect for those hot, humid summer days. Shy away from it in browns and wear it in colours such as white and cream and you’ll stand out in a crowd of otherwise dull suit wearers. Don’t be scared of its penchant for creasing, it’s all a part of the fabric’s charm.

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