Friday, 14th August 2020

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Perfect Alarm

Perfect Alarm

The latest security device! No more false alarms!

As we all know, burglaries are on the rise in Andalucía. Even pets and guard dogs are being poisoned just to gain access to a home or property.

You say you want a system that is Pet and People friendly. You want to come and go as you wish. Fluffy family members need to use their pet door, sit in a sunny window, romp and play about without the system sending a false alarm. Or maybe you are one of hundreds of security system owners who do not use their system because of false alarms or the restrictions it puts on your lifestyle.

Perfect Alarm S.L. has answers to these questions and all your other security needs.

We are proud to have the license to distribute the Llistener Alarm system, a unique technique from Switzerland with recognition features that was not known of until now. Material obstacles must always be overcome in a break-in by levering, bending or smashing. This activity will generate sub-audible sound frequencies that unfailingly are detected by the Llistener system. Iin other words allows you and pets to move freely in the secured areas without restrictions. No need for numerous detectors like motion detectors, glass breaking detectors, magnetic contacts and so on. We tailor make your system to your lifestyle.

However, the Llistener not only signals break-in attempts, but when extended to smoke, gas and water detectors it can be developed into a comprehensive hazard alert system. You can even have home automation to control, heating, cooling, lights, curtains, shades, check your home, family, office, vehicles, CCTV, perimetric fences and much more.


The protection of your family and property deserves the highest priority, so please take time and think about the following advantages of the Listener system.

1. Little effort to install it, no laying down of cables through the entire house.
2. Free movement of people and animals in the secured areas, day and night.
3. No false alarms from wind, traffic or normal opening of doors and windows.
4. The LISTENER system is all around sabotage proof and has a 48-hour power failure safeguard for all types of possible power failures.
5. User-friendly and easily integrated into your life style.
6. The LISTENER already signals the attempt of a break-in and not just the subsequent intrusion of a perpetrator into the property.
7. Fully-automatic live reconnection of the system after the alarm ends.
8. It can be dismantled and then installed again without a problem in case you’re moving.
9. The system can be expanded as you wish. The basic device can be extended with up to 40 add-on modules.
10. Withstands extreme heat and cold , unlike other systems that lose their ability to function or even disintegrate.

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