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Designing & Constructing your own garden

Designing & Constructing your own garden

With some help from the Home & Garden Team

If you love gardening and if you love plants and trees, why don’t you design your own garden? Perhaps you may just want to change and improve your existing garden. We would like to help you with a few useful tips and advise you of a few things that you should take into account.

Designing and constructing your own garden is time consuming but the reward is a lot of pleasure and satisfaction for many years with a garden that you really like.

Firstly have a good look at the shape of your garden and its position. Take some measurements. Observe the sun’s position and identify the locations that are in the shade because of walls and trees. Draw it all out on a piece of paper, then make a list of all the elements that you want to have in your garden:- statue, pond, terrace, pergola, borders with flowers and so on. You can get ideas from TV programs, books, garden centres, magazines…

Next you must decide what type of fences you want and this is more important than it appears to be. Are they to be made of stone? Wood? Are they to serve as support for climbers? Or is a hedge what you have in mind?

If you are going to have a terrace, choose a style and a position you like, remember that that in Southern Spain the terrace is an extension of your living room. What tiles? Furniture?

Can you see it taking shape? Are you going to have a lawn? Where, what shape and what type? For example a round lawn will give a soft effect especially when you put a border round it and grow flowers. The same effect can be created along side any paths. Is it going to be a fresh green carpet all year round or just a lawn for children to play on? Remember that when you have borders full of plants and flowers your garden will look like it’s wearing its Sunday clothes every day.


A pond or a fountain can provide the soothing feeling of water with little maintenance and it is also very pleasing to the eye. If you opt for a pond, select a location not too close to trees and where it benefits from sufficient light. Provide a path to it and, if you like to wander about in your garden, paths are a very important feature, bear in mind that twisting paths make your garden look bigger. You certainly need a path during the rainy season.

Finally look at the space you have left to play with. Can you fit a pergola? What about little walls or screens? These can be a good home for climbers and fill the empty spaces. Trees can be given serious consideration especially at the bottom of the garden where they do not interfere with anything but provide a nice green background. A small group of trees, normally an odd number, is normally a nice touch.

We must not forget to mention rocks when talking of gardens in Southern Spain. They serve the purpose of keeping the ground together and the roots humid and cool. Always use one type of stones and ideally combine them with a pond or use them for borders.

The final touch is represented by your own personal preference of plants, the kind of pots you might like to have on the terrace and the ornaments that you place.

The Home & Garden Group wish you good luck and loads of fun in designing your garden but if you have any questions or wish us to help give us a call.

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