Wednesday, 1st April 2020

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Back to School

Back to School

" M.P.s could do better" say the Pricly Pair

Headline: - Thieving parents…
…who play the system to get their children into better schools, will be hauled before the Ccourts and possibly face fines or jail and be publicly shamed.

Apparently many parents say they live at addresses that actually belong to relatives, others rent temporary flats, while others claim to live at non existing properties just to be in the right area for their preferred school. If caught parents could be forced to give up places secured for their children. Iin some cases parents suddenly find religion to get into faith school instead of Hoodie-High. Can Hoodies become a religion?

So if M.P.s play the system to better themselves and say they live where they don’t, claim family’s properties as their second homes, even claim mortgages that don’t exist, should they give up their places, be hauled before the Courts, fined and sent to jail? Especially as they also claim to be something they are not? They claim to be M.P.s working for the people. Well, in my opinion, they are common thieves just out to get as much as they can for themselves.

Elsewhere in the news
We read that a lady Beefeater falls victim to bullying by fellow Beefeaters.

For a moment I thought that, after landing a man’s job she was about to come out as a “veggie” and therefore try to change the centuries old Beefeater name. But no, apparently somebody tampered with her Wikipedia entry (Ooah!) and nasty notes were left in her locker. If anybody out there is planning to rob the Crown jewels, forget the sawn off shot gun, go armed with a lap top and some nasty notes, may be even with some particularly sticky “postits”.

She also admitted to a few puffed chests and a bit of huffing and blowing from some of the blokes when she started. Well no wonder! Did you see the fat gits lined up on telly the other day? One Beefeater said it reflects badly on all of us. No mate, what reflects badly is that you are housed and paid for a job that you are obviously not suited for: protecting the Crown jewels. A job I don’t think should be left to a bunch of puffing, blowing blokes and an oversensitive woman. (P.S. Darling! Calling men blokes doesn’t make you one of them; you wanted a man’s job now get on with it, luv. Anyway you’re just there for the Japanese and American tourists.)


What about libraries banning Poppies?
A memo sent by Ann Ainsworth to the Council about maintaining a neutral position. Good job then, Ann, that the men and women who died never maintained a neutral position then. I suggest you go to all the libraries and remove all the books in all categories if they favour one subject over another (Der!). And, while you are about it, go to the dictionary and look up “stupid cow”, see if it says Ann - A. K.A. Councils Operation Manager West.

Graduate Jobless soar by 44% in a year.
Clever, spotty, useless students who are students because they do not want to work, graduates and can’t get jobs. While you were being a student other people got the jobs. Oh! And some self important student on telly the other day, from the youth council or similar rubbish, says they should not have to pay for education. Who pays for it then? The workers? Why, when you know you will probably end up working in a bar or Burger bar?  

If that fails you could try to be a Social worker. As a matter of fact, try slapping one of these and you will be up before a judge and sent to jail in no time. Pity some of them don’t act as swiftly for the children they are supposed to be protecting, i.e. Baby P., rings any bells?

My last point, while I feel sorry for the soldiers that lose their lives and for their families, I have one piece of advice: “Don’t join up!” Why join? Are your Queen and Country fighting for you? No! Did you think you would never have to go to war? That is your job! Or did you sign up just to play manoeuvres with guns like grown up kids? I agree we should have let these countries fight amongst themselves, kick out all troublemakers from England, close the borders to unwanted immigrants, keep our Faith and make others adhere to our rules regulation and the law. The hell with terrorist’s human rights! Give them as many rights as they had in their own country – NONE.

Here’s a start, next time somebody asks your nationality, say “ENGLISH”, if there are any left out there. And before any of you of a certain type asks, the answer is NO, I am not for the B.N.P. I am just me, sick to the back teeth with so much double standard for the likes of “pity me, I am helpless, pathetic p.c. madness, etc.

Till next time, be happy or angry or whatever, but be yourself.

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