Wednesday, 8th July 2020
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The best kept secret on the Coast

The best kept secret on the Coast

Hair Extensions

We all want our own “dream” hair and we can achieve the look we wish for by adding natural hair extensions.

For example, at Hairdressing, you can: Take short hair to long; Add volume to fine hair; Introduce subtle or dramatic highlights or low lights; Create really stunning fashion effects.

The extensions we use are made of 100% human hair, creating a more natural look and effect, behaving like your own hair. They can be styled using heated tools and straighteners and are suitable for most lifestyle activities. There are no real limits to what you can do when wearing extensions.



It is a myth that hair extensions damage the hair when applied correctly and a few basic maintenance tips are followed. It is important not to leave in the extensions beyond the recommended time.

The hair is attached with a bond made from the same structure as Keratin, a protein found in natural hair, in fact, if properly maintained, your own hair can benefit from an improved condition. Eeach time the extensions are applied they are attached to the new hair growth, therefore there is no damage.

You can achieve a new look and have you “Dream Hair” instantly.

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