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Pony Club parents praise Julia H. Gladstone

Pony Club parents praise Julia H. Gladstone

At a recent event at the Pony Club, a number of parents asked us to publish their acknowledgement of Julia as the best riding teacher and instructor they have known. There are many success stories on the Costa del Sol, the trouble is that no one mentions them.

Come rain, wind or sunshine, week-ends or national holidays Julia has never missed a single day’s work. She just loves teaching children to ride and the children seem to love her too.

After 17 years teaching on the Costa del Sol, many of these children are now adults and they all owe their riding abilities to Julia; some have even progressed to compete for national and international championships.

Parents state that they cannot fail to see their children’s progress after just a couple of lessons. Mums and dads of all nationalities - English, Spanish, Russians, Germans, Italians, keep bringing their children to Julia for lessons at the Pony Cclub, many on a daily basis.


“Did you say your child has been riding for the last two years at the riding school in London?” she asked one parent. “Well, when you return to London, ask them for your money back! Will you?” She said.

Of course Julia is a BHS (British Horse Society) trained instructor with many years experienced both in the UK and in Spain, but her devotion to teaching children to ride is what makes the difference. It is her riding lessons that make parents bring their children back to julia's riding classes again and again from different parts of the world at regular intervals.

The reward for a job well done is recognition and I hope that this small article will serve as small token of appreciation on behalf of all who have asked for this article to be written.

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Julia H. Gladstone - BHS Riding Instructor,
+34 606 365 367
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