Friday, 10th July 2020

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Chartered Physiotherapy

Chartered Physiotherapy

Before commenting on knee problems, cartilage, osteoporosis, lymphatic drainage, sports and other injuries, this month we should start with an introduction to the Bodyworks Health Clinic and in particular its director, Estelle Mitchell.

Bodyworks Health Clinic is a unique concept for physiotherapy (physiotherapeutic) care in the Marbella, Malaga area of Andalucia, where the main focus is on accurate diagnosis, injury management, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, biomechanical foot care, orthotics, general improvement in fitness levels and nutritional advice.

The 230 square metres building has been totally renovated and custom designed by a Physiotherapist to give a modern twist to the exterior whilst the interior provides for a cool and calming experience in all of the 5 spacious treatment rooms. The large and bright exercise studio has again been carefully designed with its floor to ceiling mirrors, “ballet” style exercise bars and a wooden sprung floor.

Bodyworks Physio has a team of fully qualified professional practitioners led by Estelle Mitchell, the Director of Physiotherapy.


Qualifications, on-going training and development, professionalism and a wealth of experience are the hallmarks of the staff at Bodyworks.

Trained by the Royal Air Force and having practised in many U.K. hospitals as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Estelle Mitchell’s 30 years experience recognise her as probably Spain’s leading, most experienced and most innovative physiotherapist.

The clinic provides an accurate diagnosis of any injury or problem, followed by the correct treatment and rehabilitation programme to achieve full recovery with the least number of sessions. Just what the doctor ordered!

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