Sunday, 12th July 2020
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Summer hair damage

Summer hair damage

“The end of summer! How much sun,sea and pool damage have you done to your hair?” Asks Zoë Woods.

On the beach of course you probably have taken all the precautions, but hair that has been damaged by the sun may become brittle and frizzy.

To make things worse, sea water is easily absorbed by hair follicles that are already open by the exposure to the sun, taking in minerals and salts that can really dry your hair. You only have to dip your head into the sea, and let the saltwater dry on your hair to feel the dramatic change in texture caused by even a small amount of exposure.

Pools too contain all sorts of damaging chemicals as do hot tubs. Chlorine not only will bleach your hair but it can also dry it out making it brittle, furthermore it can also affect your scalp making it sensitive and itchy. When a swimming pool is not properly balanced, metals, such as copper, can be present causing that “greening” effect that many people experience, particularly those with blonde shades of hair.

Don’t despair, because we can repair, rebuild and restore your hair to its former glory!

Start with hair colour revival, because your colour/highlights will certainly have faded over the summer months


Zoe’s Tips:-

  1. For colouring hair re-growth with some white hair, use a permanent colour on roots only, but freshen the ends with a semi - permanent colour for condition and gloss, sealing the cuticle of the hair to discourage hair fade in the sun.
  2. Once your colour is restored, finish with an in salon intensive colour saver treatment, to seal in the colour and protect against fading.
  3. Always take home a recommended shampoo, conditioner and mask so as to look after your hair in between salon visits.

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