Saturday, 11th July 2020

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Web Express Guide Diners' Club

Web Express Guide Diners' Club

This month the event took place in Estepona at the Monte Carlo French Restaurant

This month the team met at the Monte-Carlo Restaurant in Estepona. The food was good, the restaurant was good but, what was even better, everyone present had a great time simply enjoying each other’s company. What an enjoyable evening out in good company!

If you wish to join us on our next expedition, please contact the editor.



1. Zöe Woods (Woods Haidressing) & Julia Gladstone (WXPG).
2. Bob Mitchell (Bodyworks Health Clinic).
3. Garry & Sonia Fendley (BUPA).
4. Jane Beale (WXPG) & Nicholas Watson (Jetski Center).
5. John Chapman & Myra Addison.
6. Zöe Woods (Wood Hairdressing) & Eestelle Mitchell (Bodyworks Health Clinic).
7. Annette Walpole (British Hearing Centre) & Alan Loftus.

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