Wednesday, 27th May 2020
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It's BBQ time!!!

It's BBQ time!!!

These are just perfect days for BBQ’s, pool parties and bare shoulders. Read on for the top BBQ’s tips and turn yourself into super-chef!

The Costa del Sol is just the perfect place and now is the perfect time; in August, while sipping a long cool drink by the swimming pool or on the beach; and in September why not a BBQ evening party in the garden? But it is important to bear in mind a few useful tips.

NO-NO to cold meat
Forget getting the stuff out of the freezer and plonking it straight on the barbi. If your meat is in the fridge, remove it and allow the meat to get to ‘normal’ temperature by keeping it in a cool place. This way, you can ensure serving tasty succulent meat!

Clean that grill!
If you live in (or are invited to) a bachelor house, make sure that the grill is clean. BBQ meat cooked on a charred grill is not only disgusting but will also taste yucky. Turn up the BBQ to full temperature for about 10 minutes and then scrape off the charred remains with a wire brush. Allow to cool and finish off by wiping with a little vegetable oil.

Cover Up
Cover raw meat and keep out of direct sunlight. You might also want to invest in a cool-box or keep the meat indoors if it is a scorching day.

Marinate separately
It’s not clever to marinate different meats together. Keep them in separate containers.


Watch the tools
Invest in different sets of barbecue tools - long handheld ones are the best. Use separate tools for raw and cooked food. Also use separate chopping boards and serving dishes for raw and cooked meat to prevent cross-contamination.

Don’t serve raw meat!
Cook meat through to the centre - especially pork, sausages, burgers and chicken. It might be an idea to give the chicken a few minutes in the micro before placing on the grill. Check by piercing the thickest part with the point of a sharp knife. Clear juices indicate cooked meat. Pink juices indicate more barbecue time for the meat.

Pick your spot
If you have a fairly flexible garden, pick a good BBQ spot when planning your barbecue party. Avoid windy spots and allow plenty of movement area around the barbecue. Placing the barbecue close to flammable plants, fences or trees is not a good idea. When placing your barbecue, remember that solid ground is easier to clean than grass.

Find a sober cook
Although potentially hilarious otherwise, it would be better if you can ensure that the cook is fairly sober while manning the barbecue.

Have a fire blanket and water to hand. Keep kids and pets under control at all times.

Use fragrant flowers, candles and foliage to create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, citrus candles are great for keeping insects away.

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