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The WXPG food review  Restaurant at the Marbella Casino

The WXPG food review – Restaurant at the Marbella Casino

Casino de Marbella – Puerto Banus – Tel 952 814 000. Current Opening Hours: Every Day from 20:30 pm to 02.30 am.

The food reviews are not advertisements. We pay for the meal and we comment and give points as honestly as we can for the benefit of readers. The points relate to quality and price according to the standard of the restaurant. We try to visit only restaurants which we believe are worth reporting on. The food testing team includes Web Express Guide loyal clients who wish to join in and get to meet each other.

*Key: Price: M - Dress Code: SC

*FBA = First Bite Appeal
*Price Code (excl. drinks):
L = 15 - 30 Euros
M = 30 - 60 Euros
H = 50 – 100+ Euros
*Dress Code:
CC = Casual Comfortable
SC = Smart Casual
F = Formal

This is a restaurant that must absolutely maintain and protect a reputation for good food, top service and a classy ambience. The Casino is a focal point in Marbella and is regularly visited by well known personalities. We decided to take advantage of an invitation to a cocktail to view some of the paintings by José Puyet, a Spanish world renowned painter, in order to then have a meal and possibly a little flutter at the Casino.


The Staff
It is not easy to describe an impeccably professional team, other than to say they were impeccable; very courteous, impeccably dressed with impeccable manners.
It is clear that every one from the Maître D to the waitresses is highly trained to give a first class service with all the correct etiquette. It is extremely difficult to provide such service and at the same time make the diners feel entirely comfortable. They have done so with great ease and every one felt welcome and very well looked after.

As the restaurant is within premises licensed for gambling, you are required to show your passport or other ID at the entrance. Once this is done and you start to make your way to the restaurant you realize the uniqueness of the ambience and a feeling of opulence seems to prevail. I dare say this is not unlike some of the best known Casinos in any famous city. Although the restaurant is well set apart you can still see the gambling area in the distance. This does not interfere with the enjoyment of the meal, especially if you are in good company, on the contrary you do feel you are somewhere special.
Towards the end of the meal then you start wondering if you will or will not have that little flutter and try your luck; it is all part of the evening entertainment.

The Menu – The freshness of the produce has to be taken for granted. Chef Borja Villanueva explained that the menu is based on the freshest seasonal produce available locally and he summarises his cuisine as Creative Mediterranean Modern Cuisine. Chef Borja Villanueva, trained in the best restaurants of Northern Spain, is making a real name for himself here in Marbella. The menu is changed at regular seasonal intervals but he will take the opportunity to make use of the unexpected produce that deserves attention and turn it into a special. There are regular diners at the restaurant therefore it is important to offer as good a variety as possible. This is Spanish Haûte cuisine at its best, every dish is as tempting as the next.

Wine List
The wine list offers an incredibly extensive choice of the best Spanish wines available of all types, from white to red and rosé, from Muscatel to Rioja and to Cavas and Champagne. The object is to make the appropriate selection with each course of your choice. 


The menu offers a good selection of cold as well as hot starters, each as tempting as the other.

A delicately presented cold gazpacho soup with shrimps and olive oil garnish. FBA – I think that the word “gazpacho” can be misleading in this case, it certainly was not what I had imagined. A very delicately presented dish with a unique and gentle taste of tomato blending to perfection with the different flavours that make this a very exquisite plate. I warn you, you will never appreciate another gazpacho anywhere else.
Team score – 10/10

Prawn salad with mint sauce.
Oh no! Not that simple! Fabulously presented terrine decorated with the green of the mint sauce and the orange of the mango sauce and red coloured fish eggs (as opposed to salmon roe). FBA – The prawns were large “tiger” prawns, quite a portion of them, well disguised under the crispy salad. Under the prawns, a layer of sweet corn. The mixture of delicate flavour was well thought out. The gentle taste of the sweet mint blended to perfection with the mango sauce, the fish eggs and the prawns. Quite an experience!
Team score – 10/10

Mains Courses
The selection comprises a choice of fish or meat to include poultry. To bear in mind is the fact that the chef will only use the freshest produce available each season. For instance, no shell fish during summer (all summer months names do not have an “R” in it. Remember?)

Sirloin Steak & Vegetables.
Again the presentation was impeccable. The black slate dish as a base, the steak and the small, dainty presentation of vegetables made quite an impact on the eye. FBA – The steak was cooked to perfection, just as ordered: well done, medium rare and even rare. It was juicy,tender and very tasty. The selection of veggies was more for decorative purpose, it helped to subdue the stronger tasting meat.
Team score - 10/10.

Steamed Cod in prawn & tomato sauce
Presented in a well decorated pure white dish almost painted with the orange of the fish sauce and the green of the decorative sweet mint sauce. FBA – Cod usually brings to mind frying, therefore the flaky consistency of the fish brought about by the steaming to perfection made the experience to the palate extremely pleasant. The prawn and tomato based sauce just complemented each other to perfection and the mint sauce added the little spark of difference. Sheer luxury with every mouthful!
Team score – 10/10

There is a good tempting selection of desserts to please all palates however we were all tempted by the:

Hot Chocolate Cake and vanilla ice-cream
The presentation of the dessert was no exception to the rest. The use of colour was very good and tempting to the eye. FBA – Each mouthful was heaven, the flavour of the moist chocolate centre of the cake exploded into a pleasurable experience, now add to this some of the chocolate sauce and the ice-cream and you have a dessert you will not easily forget. As a matter of fact I shall make a point of having it again.
Team score – 10/10


If you visit or live anywhere on the Costa del Sol, going to the Restaurant in the Casino is a must, even if you have no intention of playing, you never know what famous person you might be lucky to see.
It is a good feeling to be pampered and well looked after by a team of professionals whose only aim is to impress you with their service and their food. Quite frankly it is not even that expensive, yes the cost of each dish may well cost three or four Euros more, but then the experience makes it a well worth trying. Then you can also tempt “Lady Luck” at the tables if you wish; it is not compulsory but it can be fun.
Talking of our team, we have all had a unique and very pleasant experience, which we certainly will repeat individually.

Casino Marbella
Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza, s/n , Puerto Banus, 29660
+34 952 814 000
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Casino Marbella

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