Sunday, 12th July 2020

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Do you know what I really hate?

Do you know what I really hate?

Well there are a lot of things each one of us hates.

This is an opportunity for readers to tell everyone what really gets up their nose and get it out of their system, anonymously or otherwise. Please send your hate mail stating your nationality to  or by fax to 952 893 146 and we shall publish it. (These are originals, not copied and pasted from the internet).

Hate! Cigarettes: The stench and abhorrent fag ends and fag ash. Smokers should be made to put their fag ends in something like a 'pooper scooper' instead of leaving them in the street like dog shit. Mike (English).

I hate women who act as if they are superior,  “better than thou”, and then you see them drink lager out of a can. (English)

I hate visitors who will economise with a few tapas for tea to spend it at the nearest bar. (Italian)

I think that people who stop their car in the middle of the road to have a chat with a pedestrian friend are the epitome of ignorance. (Scottish)

I hate people who do not weigh their fruit & veggies and get sent back at the check out causing a big queue at the till. (Swedish)

I hate people who overtake but they go no faster than the vehicle they have overtaken for another ten minutes.(English)

I just hate everybody (Scotland).


I hate golfers in their stupid pink jumpers, and that is just the men. (Irish)

I hate supermarkets that advertise special offers but do not allow the discount at the till. (Spanish)

I hate people who take the piss and think you are stupid just because you give 100% (Julia-Essex).

I can’t stand people that turn up at funeral and wakes, dressed in black and sitting for hours in your parlour when you do not even know them. (Spanish)

Cashiers that go so fast at the till piling up your stuff in any way just to get rid of you. They hate their jobs and I hate them.  (Welsh)

I hate `parents that let their children behave like animals with the excuse that they are only children. But what they need is a good slap. (English)

I hate the Moroccans in the summer when they slow up all the traffic on the N340 (Spanish)

I hate Spanish restaurants that pretend to be Italian (Italian)

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