Friday, 26th February 2021

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Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner

A selection of websites for kids of all ages

Hello Kids of all ages! If you have any comments to make on this page , please do send them to the On the other hand if you have some websites that you would like to share with all other kinds, do send them in with your own photo and when we publish it you will be able to show off to your friends with your name and photo in print and online in Web Express Guide.
American history, colonial history, maps, lesson plans, presidents
How do animals all over the world sound?
View a map of the Earth showing the actual day and night regions at this moment. You can also view it as currently seen from the Sun, Moon, orbiting satellite, or from above a variety of cities. Interesting site!

50 step-by-step lessons show you what you need to know to play the guitar. Also contains helpful information on what to look for when buying a guitar, useful quick-reference charts, and much more.

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