Monday, 1st June 2020

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Is Britain missing the Expats?

Is Britain missing the Expats?

Oh boy! Is there a lot to put right this month! Have people and governments lost their sanity all together?

For a start I have never seen a government as disloyal to its own people as the British government. Fancy throwing the Ghurkhas out of Britain!

Any country in any part of the world would grant residence to any person willing to lose his life in its defence, yet Britain denies the Ghurkhas their hard earned right to stay while it allows all sorts and sundries to smuggle themselves into Britain, gives them a life of luxury by comparison to whence they came and even the right to abuse an already too far stretched welfare service. In my book this is disgusting! Who cares? One might say, they are only Ghurkhas! Really?

So what about the pensioners who have contributed all their working lives to support their share of pensioners on a promise that they themselves will be looked after at their retirement? Let’s not forget that their contribution was not limited to social security payments, it does include the toils and labour that went into supporting the country’s economy.

It is the wealth of people that make the wealth of a nation, yet the people are constantly being robbed of their hard earned cash and rights. Pensioners deserve to be able to maintain a civilised standard of living and not made to endure cold, hunger, poor living conditions and a hellish treatment when they need medical attention, while on the other hand millions are being wasted on illegal immigration and unnecessary causes like the pledging of a contribution towards the maintenance of Auschwitz as a shrine.

What has this to do with Britain other than Mr Brown trying to make himself look big? Something he can’t do very well any way; he even allowed the Polish Prime Minister to humiliate him with a lecture on economic competence. What Gordon Brown should have replied is that Britain would send all the Poles back to Poland, as a first move towards economic improvement of the nation and then see how Mr Poland would cope with that!

Now they start picking on people who, in total disgust, have decided to stop contributing to the welfare of a country that keeps slapping them on the face, to stop offering loyalty in exchange for insults.

And by all means, those who are cheating and claiming benefits they are not entitled to must be stopped and even taught a lesson, but before stretching beyond the confines of the borders, it makes more sense to start cleaning up the act at home. Stop the benefit cheats at home. Remove all those who are illegally stretching the welfare state and those who are illegally taking jobs that rightfully belong to those who are legitimately entitled to them. Start from here and see how the economy will immediately begin too improve.

Do I get the impression that the British government has suddenly realised that illegal immigrants will never make any real contribution to the welfare state or the wealth of the nation? Is this why they seem to want expatriates to return and start paying again? Is this what the real economic crisis is about? Is this why the British press keeps intimidating expatriates with all sorts of fears, mostly unfounded?


Yes, many expatriates should leave Spain, never to return again; we do not want illegal businesses and cheats to sponge on the rest of us here, unfortunately we are also seeing that many are forced to leave the Costas knowing that they will regret it and will again start resenting Big Brother who keeps picking their pockets.
Perhaps these might have resisted and endured the recession a bit longer had Spain been a little more gracious and appreciative of Residential Tourism.
The Costas are not real Spain, they are places where you do not even need to speak Spanish because the large amount of expatriates that represent a market and those that run businesses as suppliers have seen to it.

While the Spanish government is overly loyal to its own, the local people have changed through time; they seem to forget what they were doing before the foreign residents arrived. How many times have you been told: - “If you don’t like it, go back to your country”?

Starting with some recognition for the improved lifestyle, the local Costas’ governments and people should have listened and learned not to take the Mickey on prices, that foreign residents’ parked cars are not a target intended to pay for the poor standard of policing that exits every where. It is not just the economy that is striking the Costas, it’s that sense of arrogance that sometimes makes you feel unwanted and even abused.

The standard of school education as well as the system is pretty poor, but it is the foreign students who get blamed for it. Integration cannot be one sided, it takes two to tango, so why don’t they start to kerb the amount of bullying that takes place in schools and the one-sidedness of teachers, who refuse to listen to common sense and adapt to new eras.

Now that they are feeling the pinch with so many “foreigners” leaving, they even used to learn English. Have you noticed, in these last few months, how willing they are now to speak to you in your own language? I remember they used to pretend they did not understand foreign languages.

Have you heard? The Spanish government is trying to encourage tourism from other countries to replace the departing British hordes. They are going as far as Malaysia and China to entice tourism yet again they seem to forget that the two weeks tourist means going back to the time of the caves, when businesses worked for just two summer months of the year and went tomato picking for the rest of the year.

I have always said that what counts is the residential tourism; people who live here on a permanent or semi permanent basis, earn their living here and pay their taxes and dues.

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