Sunday, 5th July 2020

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WXPG Dining Club Review Team

The Web Express Guide Dining Club this time meets at La Pappardella sul Mar at the Laguna Village.

The Web Express Guide
Dining Club
This time the Web Express Guide Dining Club meets at La PappardellaÂ’s newly opened branch at the Laguna Village.
We all had a great evening. The food was excellent, the service superb and the scenery fantastic.

What's more we enjoyed the company.

The WXPG Food Tasting Team on this day are:
Paul & Elsa Raine (RWK Kitchens)
Gordon Horry (H2o Watercoolers)
Dorenda Wrigley (Pristine Properties)
Manuel Gill (Gestoria Mangil)
Zoe Woods Roly & Myra
Edwin, Julia, Christian (Web Express Guide)
Carol & Jo Ferro


Italian Restaurant Estepona
CARMEN, Laguna Village, 29680
+34 952 806 739
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Italian Restaurant Estepona

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