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Do you know what I really hate?

Do you know what I really hate?

Well there are a lot of things each one of us REALLY hates.

We kick off with this new section which we hope will give all our readers the opportunity to tell everyone what really gets up their nose and get it out of their system, anonymously or otherwise. Please send you hate mail stating your nationality to  or by fax to 952 893 146 and we shall publish it.  (These are originals, not copied and pasted from the internet).

I hate nosy neighbours with too much time on their hands who look for any excuse to poke their noses into everybody else’s affairs. (Spanish)

I hate people who first push their pushchairs with babies onto the road before crossing. (English)

I hate people in my village who think we are still living at the times of Franco when there was a great division between the poor and the wealthy. (Spanish)

What really annoys me are those managers that spend all day in reunions in order to appear important. (English)

What I hate are English people who pretend to like Spanish music just because they live here. Would they eat sheep’s eyes if they lived in Saudi Arabia? (Irish)

What gets up my nose are the people that have lived here a few months but they think they know everything about Spain. (English)


I just hate drivers who race up to an island when they should be slowing down, expecting you to read your crystal ball. (Welsh – J. San Pedro)

What about the people who praise the local crap schools because they can’t afford private? (English)

I hate fat ugly lesbians who can’t get a date with either sex. (English)

It annoys me to hear fat women who say they are happy. (English)

I thoroughly hate those people that take 20 minutes at the petrol pump fiddling with their seat belts, etc. before pulling away while you are waiting behind them. (English. -  J. W. Sotogrande)

What really annoys me are people who pretend to know about wines, but drink anything anyway, including cat’s piss, as long as it does not exceed 3€ a bottle. (English P. Marbella)

I hate people who use charities to promote their business or themselves or both to line their pockets (British - Edwin)

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What I Really Hate!

I work with a well known local charity and we would not survive without the help of individuals and businesses who donate their time, expertise and services for free! Why shouldnt there be some benefit to these people by way of additional promotion Edwin?

Rated: 2/5 (29th April 2009)

Editor's comments: You have not given your name or said which charity you you work with. Still, you said it! They "DONATE" for free their time, expertise and services. FOR FREE!!! That is the right idea when helping a charity and I am all for it. HOWEVER if they do it to get a benefit, especially a monetary benefit, you may call it what you like,it is no longer charity! More like hypocrisy!

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