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DVD Reviews & TV Programs

DVD Reviews & TV Programs

Introducing some of the more prominent DVD releases & up to the minute TV/Satellite programs




Directed by: Catherine Hardwicke

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Michael Welch, Justin Chon, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Christian Serratos, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene

Book fans either love it enough to accept the movie or hate it because it’s not as good as the book. Vampire film genre fans are split on this as well because it does not fit the typical fast pace dark Gothic even violent or sexy themes that usually are expected in a vampire film. This is a Romeo & Juliet romance! This is a romantic teen drama with a bit of after school special tone. It approaches the vampire lore from a perspective much closer to the real vampire movement than the typical Dracula fantasy we all have of vampires. Even if you are not a teenage girl in love with the book, there may be something to enjoy. Edward is a morose and tortured soul who feels his life has little or no purpose. Bella is new to town and to school. In the film you need to accept that passion they feel is deep. Series aside it is certainly unique enough as a film to warrant a peek from many viewers




Directed by: Baz Luhrman.

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, David Wenham, Bryan Brown, Bruce Spence, Jack Thompson, Bill Hunter, John Jarratt, Jacek Koman, Ben Mendelsohn.

Epic Film
Baz Luhrman's “Australia” is a grand, national epic that fits nicely alongside films like “Out of Africa” and “Gone with the Wind”, but it's a sharp departure from his more famous “Moulin Rouge”, with an emphasis on beautiful cinematography being the commonality. Set prior to WWII, Kidman plays a British Lady who arrives to check on her husband (a randy cattle rancher), but finds him dead. Instead of selling the place and returning to her stuffy English life, Lady Sarah stays and falls in love with Drover, an authentic Australian cowboy who probably isn't all that comfortable with the concept of being tied down to house and family. Together they team to save the ranch amidst the backdrop of a world war and the most dramatic cross-country cattle drive in history. If the film had only stopped there, then it might have been a classic from the moment of its release, but Luhrman he seems set on telling us more, and that means only one thing: politics. Australia's notorious history of mistreating the aboriginal population is well-documented, but Luhrman uses his film to rip open some recently healed racial wounds, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The problem comes in the form of Nullah, a biracial boy who tags along and narrates the film. Nullah is "magical" and sometimes uses his powers to help his companions, but when it fits the story, he's just a scared little boy. Apparently he represents both the Aboriginal plight and their strong spirit of survival, but the character seems more of a fetish for Luhrman than a fully developed person. The resulting narrative holes left me confused and disappointed. Jackman and Kidman are fine, but I never forgot that they were Jackman and Kidman, both of whom go from acting to posing to acting to posing. Tighter direction might have helped... and maybe a little less magic.


My Best Friend's Girl

Directed By: Howard Deutch.

Starring :  Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, Alec Baldwin, Lizzy Caplan, Riki Lindhome, Mini Anden, Hilary Pingle, Nate Torrence

Dane Cook, Jason Biggs and Kate Hudson have some sort of chemistry together in this film. It’s awkward at times but seems to work. The film is about a guy named Tank (Cook) that is hired by other guys to date their ex-s and show them a horrible time in hopes that they will feel as if they had made a mistake by leaving their boyfriends and run back to them. Jason Biggs plays a character named Dustin who is Cooks roommate and was dating a girl named Alexis (played by Kate Hudson) Alexis decides she would like some space from the relationship and Dustin gets freaked out by this and hires his roommate Tank to take his ex out and show her a bad time. Tank tries all of his tricks and nothing seems to work on her. After the date, she has lunch with her ex Dustin but gives him news he didn't expect. She now wants to see other people and develops a relationship with Tank and the comical journey begins. This is not the funniest movie out there but it is worth a watch. There are several scenes that had us laughing, and all in all it turned out to be what we expected. Just a good comedy, but not great.



By the time T.V. programs are printed on local publications and seen by viewers, they are often out of date.

It is very annoying to look forward to a film or program to find out that it has been changed or replaced  days or weeks, often hours, before it is due to be shown.

Just click on the enclosed icon and check your "up to the minute" TV program as updated by the TV stations.

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