Friday, 29th May 2020

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Prickly Pair Social Diary

Prickly Pair Social Diary

Due to her ability to fit into any surroundings, the Prickly Pair has been able to infiltrate most social occasions: garden parties, house parties, art galleries, and most of the greens on golf courses.

Media Impresario, secret party goer deeply interested in anything arty-farty, secret people watcher and would be Queen of the Costa Society and the sharpest thing on the Costa.

I am often asked or begged for a social web page so that my fans can follow my dizzy exciting life every day, not just once a month. Oh, how I wished I had the time darlings!

But no matter how much I love my true fan base, I just cannot find the time. My life is just so packed with Art Gallery openings, wearing pink floating chiffon, Golf Tournament Presentations, wearing pink floating chiffon, posh Restaurants get-togethers, wearing pink floating chiffon and of course running my own business on top of that, wearing navy floating chiffon.

But this month I thought I would give you all a treat. So after much pleading with the wonderful Web Express Guide, who say that social pages are for scroungers looking for free publicity for themselves (at which point I faked surprise), they eventually gave up. So there! Enjoy my darlings!


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