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The Dentists World in Sotogrande

The Dentists World in Sotogrande

”WHEN QUALITY MATTERS has become our motto, because it reflects what most of our patients desire; being more beautiful and attractive, but it can be seen as well as an invitation to look beyond, to understand what stands behind an attractive appearance.” say The Dentists.

Dr Lotta Kure and Dr Anders Friman, both dentists, manage this multi-specialities dental clinics which provides all types of dental work, to include Dr. Annika Skoglund a specialist in ”Oral Surgery” and Dr. Wojtek Maroszek, Orthodontist.

Lotta and Anders are dentists who also they specialize in high level cosmetic treatments. It has always been their dream to offer dental treatments of the highest possible standards. Their practice and philosophy is always to be on the front line of modern dentistry. That´s why they are involved with and are
members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), an american association that trains and educates dentists and laboratory technicians to the highest levels of Cosmetic Dentistry. Both Dr Lotta & Dr Anders go to the States once a year attend further training courses given by the AACD. In fact their next visit is due on the 24th April.

Right from their first appointment patients will receive a cosmetic consultation. With regards to general dentistry, all new patients will undergo a thorough examination of all mouth areas. The process includes a detailed examination of teeth, soft tissue, supporting structure allignement, bite and quite a bit more. If necessary, X rays and even a model of the teeth will be made.

The Dentists are achieving such an excellent reputation that patients are even travelling for miles to visit the clinic to benefit from the experience and artitistic expertise that are available. They certainly achieve their dream with the ”Smile MakeOver”. Whatever your concern in respect of the size, shape, placement, or colour of your teeth, you can be confident that smile makeovers can fix almost any problems such as gaps, chips, stains, discoloration, missing teeth, crooked teeth, short teeth, oversized teeth, slanting teeth, misaligned teeth, gummy smiles, aging dental work and old silver fillings.


A variety of diagnostic aids to accomplish the ultimate smile makeovers are used. Digital photographs of your smile are taken, digital x-rays, models of your teeth to analyse your bite. A ”mock-up” model is made so that the dentists can communicate clearly with the dental laboratory and create the most beautiful, natural looking smile.

A smile makeover improves the look of your smile, as well as restoring any dental problems that you might have, adjust your bite and reset muscles in your jaw so that you will look good and feel great.

The DENTISTS WORLD S.L. together with OCEAN CLINIC S.L. are proud to announce their collaboration in dental and facial aesthetic care. By joining their respective specialized skills they can now offer all patients the most comprehensive care, combining a happy smile with a beautiful face.

In the words of Dr Lotta Kure and Dr Anders Friman: ”Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dentistry have taken an important part in providing a young, healthy and beautiful look, and by bringing together our areas of expertise we want to assist you to achieve the positive effects of this new look in your life by ensuring safety, quality and peace of mind in all of the treatments.”

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