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Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc

“The commonest diagnosis with which patients arrive at a chiropractor’s door is that of a slipped disc” says Graham Anthony D.C.

Very few doctors have studied the mechanics of the spine with the degree of detail required of the qualified chiropractor. The most common diagnosis given in cases of acute low back pain is that of a “slipped disc”.

The symptoms vary, but usually involve stabbing pain on movements, with often one-sided spasm of the lumbar muscles, creating great difficulty in standing erect and there may be pain down one or both legs. These symptoms are usually present in a true case of Prolapsed Invertebral Disc, but may be present in any other condition.

For the unfortunate individual suffering from a strained Sacro-Iliac joint, who is told by his doctor that he is suffering from a slipped disc, life becomes very irksome.
He may be put to bed for anything up to six weeks and then put into a corset. He may find himself in a plaster cast and in some cases an operation is suggested. If the patient is really suffering from a Prolapsed Disc, the period in bed or the wearing of a corset would rest the area and enable a degree of repair to take place but if the problem is a strain of the Sacro-Iliac joint, these treatments would be less than useless.


The disc that is supposed to slip is a tough cartilaginous ring, firmly attached to the vertebrae above and below it. This contains an inner pulpy mass, ‘the nucleus pulpous’. If a tear appears in the cartilage through strain or injury, the inner material can protrude. This will cause spasm in the surrounding musculature and if there is pressure on nerves in the area then there will be acute pain. The disc does not, indeed cannot slip. There can be a rupture or a herniation and thus misnamed slipped disc.

I started practising chiropractic therapies in Mallorca in the early eighties and basically introduced my art of healing to the Majorcan people. It was not long before I became known as the “English white witch doctor” with magic hands. My uninspiring nickname took many years before it was finally dropped and I was accepted for my chiropractic therapies treating patients suffering from spinal disorders, i.e. slipped discs, whiplash and so on.

I finally retired in Mallorca and moved to the Costa del Sol leaving behind over 2,500 very content and healthy patients.

It will be interesting to see what nickname I might acquire here.

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