Friday, 14th August 2020

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The Dutch Butcher of the Costa del Sol

The Dutch Butcher of the Costa del Sol

Guillermo ensures that his “free range” meat is the best you can get.

Butchers run in the family and Guillermo, like his father and his grandfather is very proud of his profession and the certificate that he displays for everyone to see.

He believes in giving his clients the best possible service and quality meat, and he means it to the extent that he chooses and buys his own animals and rears them “free range” in the campo. This way he knows exactly what they feed.

All you have to do is take a look at the meat on display at the shop and you will see for yourself how fresh and healthy it looks. Of course he does import some special cuts from Holland.


Guillermo has been on the Costa for the last 7 years and he just canÂ’t help himself with the extent of quality products he wants to offer his clients. So do not be surprised to see a good selection of very fresh and healthy looking vegetables available on display as well as a selection of choice wines.

Before you ask, no he is no more expensive than the butcher you find at the supermarket.

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